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  1. Death by Taser

    At the end of the day Taser is a weapon, albeit a defensive one, and the use of any type of weapon carries with it the potential risk of causing a fatality. No matter what means police officers use to subdue violent individuals there will always be a risk of death or injury. Police officers nowadays are far better equipped to deal with such matters than they were when I joined in the 1960's. The practically useless handcuffs and batons we were issued with in those days cannot compare with the equipment operational officers now carry on duty. It is one area where I envy those serving on the front line today. I frequently had to deal with extremely violent prisoners in my early days and many of them were so full of alcohol that they had ceased to be pain compliant and the usual police holds were of little use in restraining them. I don't mind admitting there were occasions when significant injuries were sustained by prisoners who violently resisted arrest and, of course, the usual allegations of police brutality were made by the armchair experts who had never been in a fight in their lives. I recollect colleagues striking violent prisoners several times with their batons before they succeeded in restraining them and remember more than one occasions when old wooden batons broke over the heads of violent individuals who still continued who resist arrest and assault the arresting officers. I hope the police will continue to be permitted to deploy Taser which I regard as one of the best methods of restraining violent prisons which the Police Service has ever had at its disposal.
  2. Interest Rates

    The entire honours system needs reviewed with the aim of reform. So many individuals are given honours of various types for doing nothing more than what they are paid for. Honours should only be given to those who do something above and beyond the call of normal duty or put themselves in harms way. However, the awards that really annoy me are those given to sports persons and those in the entertainment industry. These people have their own awards system within their own sports associations and organisations, film and acting bodies etc. so I don't see why they should also be eligible for knighthoods, O.B.Es etc. IMHO their inclusion only serves to bring the honours system into disrepute.
  3. Interest Rates

    Yes, I think there are some disadvantages with having a banker controlling the country's finances but we are in a situation throughout politics where we often have to chose the lesser of 2 (or more) evils and I think having an independent Governor of the Bank of England is that lesser evil. During the approach to the EU Referendum Carney spoke or advised against Brexit but now appears to be saying the UK can flourish by leaving the EU. Why has he changed his tune? I SUSPECT he may not be as independent as he is supposed to be and that Cameron and Co. requested he gave an anti-Brexit message to assist the Remain camp in its task. To be fair, he did add that there were risks to remaining within the EU and perhaps he was genuinely trying to present a balanced picture or was just trying to cover his back in the event of a vote to leave. In the current circumstances I can well understand why a rate cut is required although it is hard luck on those who saved for many years to provide themselves with a decent income in retirement. They have suffered from low interest rates for many years. But for my gold plated police (and other) pensions I could have been one of them but thanks to said pensions I can afford to take the hit when interest rates are reduced. Thank Heavens for small mercies.
  4. The Referendum Discussion

    I note that some members of the House of Lords are now threatening to indulge in tactics to delay or stop the Brexit procedures taking place. There are some really bad losers in this country nowadays. Of course, such individuals will all have their own personal agendas which they feel should have priority over the democratic will of the Electorate.
  5. The Referendum Discussion

    May years ago, while attending a course at the Scottish Police College, I attended a lecture by the editor of the largest selling popular newspaper in Scotland and he frankly admitted that the policy of his newspaper was to sell as many newspapers as possible and to do this the strategy used was to publish what the editorial staff of the newspaper had concluded the man or woman in the street already thought, believed or suspected. The editorial staff of the newspaper were amazingly accurate in their conclusion and many newspapers were sold, no matter how inaccurate or far-fetched the stories published were. It would appear that the final analysis was not to let the truth get in the way of a good story which would sell newspapers.
  6. The Referendum Discussion

    Of course we don't understand ALL that Brexit will mean. When I voted LEAVE I was well aware that if the side I championed won there would be negotiations over a period of time, the result of which would result in us finally knowing exactly what Brexit would entail. So whether or not we will withdraw from EHCR is one of the things we shall have to wait until the end of those negotiations to discover. When we vote at a general election we do not know exactly what the new administration will do, even though we may have read its pre-election manifesto from cover to cover. However, we can perceive a general outline of what we believe and hope will happen, and most voters will vote accordingly. The major issue for me was the economy and from what I have discerned it appears to me that the finances of many EU countries is dire, to say the least, so whether we continue with the ECHR was a secondary issue for me and, I suspect, with most other voters.
  7. The Referendum Discussion

    Interesting to note that the mighty Deutsche Bank is in big trouble with huge loses in profit etc. If the Germans can't get it right within the EU what chance do the countries of southern Europe such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (to name but a few) have with all their massive debt? And yet there4 are people still out there who say the EU is/was a good idea. If they believe the EU is/was such a good idea I hate to think what their idea of a bad one would be.
  8. The Referendum Discussion

    Brexit will undoubtedly cause some turbulence as we proceed on out journey to leave the EU and I expect that turbulence may continue for a time after we have taken our leave but I suspect, given the economic situation in certain EU countries (notably those in Southern Europe) that we shall in time avoid (to an extent) the real turbulence when those countries go `bust.' Brexit seems to have caused something of a panic in those nations currently remaining in the EU and I suspect they will initially give us a bit of a hard time because they are afraid their own electorates might decide to copy us. However, I have believed for some time that Europe needs us more than we need it and expect that we shall eventually reach an accommodation which is favourable to the UK. Perhaps if they had given Cameron a better deal when the visited Europe prior to the Referendum the current situation may not have arisen.
  9. 1% Pay Rise

    So, is it the case that the Fed. have, on occasion, requested media time to comment on police related matters and have been refused? I have much sympathy with the Fed. and believe a substantial number of members do not fully understand what holding office (of any sort) in the Fed.truly involves but think that the way things are now going they should perhaps try to obtain a greater media profile and be brutally honest about such matters as police establishments and particularly how they are being reduced. I hear some real horror stories from serving officers that might just make some MOPs sit up and take notice if they heard of them on a regular basis vis the media.
  10. The Referendum Discussion

    Further to the above I am noting a strange phenomenon emerging from among those who were/are Remainers. They seem disappointed that the economic disaster predicted in the wake of a Brexit vote has not come to pass. Some people are never happy.
  11. The Referendum Discussion

    The the days from the Referendum of the EU go past and we have still not encountered the apocalyptic results which we were told by many, including those we might consider `experts,' would occur in the immediate aftermath of a LEAVE vote. In fact, although it is yet early days, the Stock Market appears to have risen steadily since the vote for a`Brexit' was announced and we are told that many countries outwith the EU are already making overtures about trading with us after we formally leave the EU. Even the IMF, which initially supported a Remain vote, seems to have changed its tune somewhat and is now commenting on the orderly manner in which the EU economy is proceeding. To be fair to the IMF, it did predict that even a vote to remain would present the UK with risks. Even most of the more important EU member countries are not behaving towards the UK with the hostility predicted by the Remain side I tend to be a risk averse type of individual and lean a bit towards the pessimistic but, although I adhere to the belief that ``It's not over until the fat lady sings,'' I am beginning to have an even warmer feeling towards Brexit that I had on the day I voted for it.
  12. Of course such an action could not be foreseen and the terrorists know this. We have been fortunate thus far in the UK but complacency would be very wrong. We need more AFOs and a heightened awareness that the type of terrorist we are now dealing with is willing to attack `soft' targets' and die in the process of his activities.
  13. Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    I once had a male for attempting to murder his wife's paramour who said, ``A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.'' I was on the receiving end of a curious look from his lordship when I repeated those words in court.
  14. The Referendum Discussion

    I suppose individual voters on both sides of the divide voted as they did for a variety of different reasons and, as you say, it will be many years before we know whether it would have been better to stay or leave. For my own part, I voted to leave due to the mess, economic and otherwise, that a great many member states are currently in and appear to have no means of rectifying. This fact I hold to be self-evident and the financial news emerging regularly from these countries tends to `prove' or confirm my suspicion that the EU is a crumbling edifice that it is better to leave before it all comes crumbling down around us.
  15. The Referendum Discussion

    So if you don't leave a decision such as the one under review to the electorate at large, who do you task with making i? I may be jumping the gun by stating that I suspect your answer will be. ``The experts,'' but which experts will they be? As we know, experts frequently disagree over all manner of things.
  16. Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    So do you think the CC of Notts. might take the view that a bod, wink and a leer accompanied by a wolf whistle would constitute aggravated wolf whistling?
  17. Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    If a prosecutions in respect of wolf whistling ever come to court I can imagine lawyers rubbing their hands at the prospect of spending hours and earning a few quid arguing over what actually constitutes a wolf whistle and asking witnesses to provide a demonstration of the whistle they were subjected to for the benefit of the court. If they get it an octave wrong they would be putting forward a motion of no case to answer. Defendants would no doubt put forward a variety of defences such as ``I was actually whistling at the sleek Aston Martin being driven down the street and not at the young lady'' or ``I was whistling on my dog.'' I can foresee a rash of prosecutions in sheep farming areas.
  18. Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    I well remember the days when a woman would regard being the object of wolf whistle as a compliment.
  19. 1% Pay Rise

    Sounds good. Let's hope we hear a bit more of reality from senior police officers on this issue. Their voices can only be welcomed if they are not smothered by those who wish them to spout the party line.
  20. The Referendum Discussion

    I'm not saying tha the opinion of experts should be ignored, but the fact is (as you will know as a police officer) that one expert may give one opinion while another provides a completely different one. In the approach to the Referendum we have just had, individuals we could desribe as experts gave opinions on both sides of the issue under review. For instance, the current Governor of the Bof E favoured remaining in the EU while one of his predecessors (Mervyn King) opined differently. Some years ago certain experts opined that it would have been in our interest to join the Euro but as things transpired that would appear to have been wrong on that one. Many experts said or inferred we would begin to suffer economic Armageddon on the day following a Brexit vote while others disagreed and it would appear (thus far) that the conclusions of the latter were more accurate. So any instance, which experts are you going to believe? The ones whose opinions fit in with your perhaps already held beliefs, the ones whose opinions you would most like to be correct or the ones whose opinions you feel are the most accurate? How many times have you sat in court and listened to experts give contradictory opinions in criminal cases when, at the end of the day, our system leaves the final decision on the matter not to those erudite individuals but to Billy Wiggins and his like, sitting in the jury box and hopefully without any trace of seaweed?
  21. The Referendum Discussion

    Very true, unless you are proficient in the use of a crystal ball. However, pre-Referendum `experts' were predicting immediate doom, gloom and disaster in the immediate aftermath of a vote to leave the EU and that (thus far) has turned out to be untrue. Many of those same `experts' were predicting some years ago that we would be disadvantaged if we did not join the Euro and they were wrong then too. The only option open to anyone when seeking to make a decision is to look and the evidence available and attempt to arrive at a sensible conclusion. That is what I have done as I see the EU as a crumbling organization, headed for disaster and I base that to a great extent on the state of many of its members states.
  22. 1% Pay Rise

    We haven't received any of the £350 million yet but when we do I will be surprised if policing receives much (if anything) of the cash. Although the Police Service is not the most popular of the public services it is, in my view, probably the most important of all in peacetime. Most MOPs only think about the police when they have occasion to require their services or fall foul of the law and there exists a widespread belief among the public that police officers are well rewarded for what they do. So long as police officers of all ranks continue to promote the falsehood that all is well and, that we can do more with less, nothing will change in this regard. I believe the Fed. and serving (and retired) officers could do more to let the truth of the matter be more widespread.
  23. The Referendum Discussion

    I have been reading several articles in the financial press about Italy's financial state which may yet prove to be the EU's next financial crisis. That, along with Greece probably perhaps coming up for another handout, may convince more people that Brexit is a good idea. I am surprised so many people are so disinterested in the financial state of some many of our fellow member EU states and how remaining in the EU could cause ourselves great financial grief. Aside from the monetary issues of the EU I note that the head of France's equivalent of MI5 is voicing concerns that his country is near to civil war as a result of the friction between Moslems and non-Moslems.
  24. The Referendum Discussion

    Any EU country which made an issue of Brits. traveling to its territory would be biting off its nose to spite its face. Consider countries like Spain and Portugal which are in the financial mire (due largely to being in the Euro) and have little else to boost their economies other than the tourist trade, to which Brits. contribute significantly. They would be mad to cause any difficulties in relation to travel and if they wish THEIR citizens to be considered for employment in the UK then it stands to reason there would have to be a reciprocal agreement on the issue.
  25. 1% Pay Rise

    It is clear you are doing more for less, HMG know it and seem confident you will continue to do so. Consequently, you willcontinue to be undervalued and dumped on from a great height.