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  1. Brexit reversal attempt

    I suspect the declaration of war in 1939 caused a few people to lose their holidays but it didn't stop us going ahead and getting our priorities right. But you are correct, Penrith and the Lake District are lovely (at any time of the year) and it seems the price of Marmite isn't going to be as high as we were told.
  2. Brexit reversal attempt

    Did anyone seriously think otherwise for the short term. However, once we are freed from the bonds of the EU and have the ability to have a truly free trade situation in force I have no doubt matters will improve significantly.
  3. Brexit reversal attempt

    I think a number of firms and individuals will, inevitably, take advantage of Brexit to rip off the public. We shouldn't be surprised at that and should, indeed, have anticipated such scurrilous behavior. The Marmite situation is a perfect example. Personally, I shall do my best the boycott any product of any description whose manufacturers or agents try to take undue advantage of the democratic decision to exit the EU. If we all did this I suspect it would bring many so-minded firms to their senses.
  4. Brexit reversal attempt

    The expat you mention sounds a bit like some Scottish Nationalists I know. When he went to live outwith the UK he must surely have been aware that there were certain risks inherent in going to live abroad and he should now just shrug his shoulders and either get on with it or return to the UK and continue life here. These people who run down the UK really annoy me, saying they are Cornish or Scottish or Yorkshiremen. I wonder howe Cornwall would get on as a separate state outwith the UK. Anyone (no matter where they reside) should surely realise there will be many ups and downs as we proceed towards Brexit, and even beyond. However, in truth we are releasing ourselves from the strictures and isolationism of the EU to be in a position where we shall be able to trade, more or less freely, with the entire world.
  5. Bank Holiday Working

    I have been retired for a number of years and, to be honest, my recollection of the regulations relative to this specific matter is somewhat vague and I am therefore unable to provide a credible answer. What I can say is that just about every serving police officer I know has been regularly treated in a despicable and illegal fashion when it comes to issues affecting their entitlements under Police Regulations and SMT are driving a horse and cart through said regulations. I have just heard of a group of officers who were held on duty for almost 5 hours after the end of their shift and have been refused overtime payment. Several are probationers who are afraid to rock the boat for obvious reasons while the others are similarly concerned that they might incur opprobrium from above if they press the matter. This type of thing seems widespread throughout UK police forces in one form or another. Zulu rightly suggests that the matter be referred to the Police Federation but the reality of that is that many Fed. Reps. are being treated in similar fashion and are witnessing disregard for the Regs. occurring around them on a frequent basis and they seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything about it. So, while I am unable to provide a specific opinion I would hazard a guess that the SMT involved will do what it wants whether it is within the Regulations or not and even if what is done is ultra vires they will get away with it.
  6. Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    Fair comment. But if I took up residence in a Muslim country then I doubt if I would be afforded any such consideration by the authorities trying to `reach' me. In most instances I suspect I would have to conform to a great extent to that country's customs, laws and culture and I can understand that. So what is the problem about people from other countries conforming a bit more to our way of living and doing things when they are within our borders?
  7. Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    When I first heard of this CC's pronouncements on the burka by police officers I assumed he was just another ACPO type seeking to court media publicity but having learned of his activities regarding `on the run' criminals and selling tickets for a misconduct hearing I can but conclude that he should make an appointment with his Force's MO without delay. No wonder public respect for the Police Service has plummeted. Many MOPs will think that if that is the standard for those at the top of the Police Service then what is it for those in the lower ranks.
  8. Scottish Independance may fade away

    I have thought for some time that Sturgeon might use this exact ply but, apart from the die-hard section of the SNP who see disintegration of the UK as an end in itself, the desire for yet another referendum (on any subject) appears to be waning in Scotland. I even find this among some SNP types who voted for separation in the 2014 Referendum. It is also significant that it is estimated that around 30% of SNP supporters voted for Brexit as they are of the opinion that leaving one union for another does not amount to `independence.' The decline of North Sea oil and gas has also had a profound effect on the Scottish economy and that, coupled with the fact that SNP governance is being shown as grossly incompetant on a daily basis, encourages me in the belief that even if Surgeon ran another referendum she would lose yet again. She has previously said she would not seek a referendum unless the opinion polls were consistently indicating showing something in the region of a 60% vote in favour of separating Scotland from the UK and if she takes a risk and loses a second time I think the SNP would take a considerable blow to its credibility.
  9. Scottish Independance may fade away

    There is absolutely no chance that the EU would accept Scotland while it remains part of the UK but I think what Sturgeon has in mind is to have another referendum on Scotland breaking away from the rest of the UK and then applying for EU membership. Her problems are that she cannot be certain of winning a second referendum and even if she did there is no guarantee that the EU would accept Scotland as a member, particularly if view of the recent overview of Scotland's economy indicated that a Scotland outwith the EU would be in significant financial difficulties and might not qualify for membership of the EU.
  10. Crime figures.

    OK then. I was party to a conversation about this matter among serving officers less than a fortnight ago and heard them discussing how much statistics are `fiddled. They were having this discussion among themselves and I just happened to be present. However, perhaps they were setting me up and saying these things to patronise me and let me hear what they thought wanted to hear or perhaps they are just bare faced liars who tell porkies to one another for an evening's entertainment. Furthermore, I have recent personal experience of matters reported to the police which were not recorded and this only came to light when further enquiries were made to discover how the enquiry was proceeding or to ad further information to what was originally reported.
  11. Crime figures.

    If you read my post you will note that I used the SUSPECT and did not say that was definitely what was happening. The fact that there appears to be some sort of variance in the extent to which under-recording and other manipulation is occurring would tend to lead me to believe that some forces have a greater desire or motivation to indulge in this type of malpractice than others. Perhaps it is more simple than my suspicion and that it is just that some senior managers in some forces are more dishonest that others in other forces. However, the fact remains that the type of malpractice under review continues to go on as it has done for many decades.
  12. Crime figures.

    I do not believe for one moment that the SMT concerned were unaware about the under-recording of crime stats and if they were unaware and did nothing about it they are culpable and should be held to account. I think it disgraceful that those in the lower ranks should be put forward as scapegoats. My personal experience is that SMT are not only aware of such practices but actively encourage them, often coercing those in the lower ranks to indulge in the malpractice. That was certainly the case in my old force and although I have not, of course, spoken to members of every force in the UK I can say that I have never spoken to an officer of any police force in the UK who did not admit that manipulation of crime statistics occurred in its daily operation. Many of them even boasted about the cunning ways that said manipulation was effected. The poor fools just didn't realise they were cutting off their noses to spite their faces. So I tend not to believe those who allege malpractices regarding crime statistics do not take place within the ranks of their forces. What I think is entirely possible is that some forces indulge in and encourage such forms of corruption and I would SUSPECT that larger urban forces with a high concentration of those who engage in criminal and violent activity within its jurisdiction will, for obvious reasons, be more inclined to under-record crime and otherwise manipulate the true state of affairs.
  13. Scottish Independance may fade away

    Seems to me `Brexit' is to blame for everything. I'm just waiting for someone to say the disastrous earthquake in Italy is due to `Brexit.' However, so far as Sturgeon is concerned it is good to see her blaming something other than Westminster for a change. It would never do for her and her like to accept personal blame when things go wrong.
  14. Scottish Independance may fade away

    These financial figures were produced by Sturgeon's own civil servants so, for once, she and her SNP cohorts can't blame Westminster or allege the statistics have been falsified. She just says she ``does not accept'' that Scotland is subsidised by the rest of the UK. The problem with a great many in the SNP is that they regard separation from the UK as an end in itself and would do anything to achieve their aim, even if they knew it was to Scotland's detriment. I hope that those SNP supporters who still have one flickering brain cell operating will undergo a reality check in the light of these figures and withdraw their support for the SNP. Rather than getting on with the job of governing Scotland, Sturgeon and Co are so intent on breaking up the Uk that the Country is suffering and public services are deteriorating. One of the problems with most Scottish politicians is that they are so Socialist in their outlook that they cannot see the realities of life.
  15. Police Scotland insights

    That regulation certainly applies and has been used (though sparingly) in the past.
  16. Police Scotland insights

    That would probably consist of a couple of rowing boats.
  17. Impact on Social life

    During my police service I had to make `off-duty' arrests on many occasions, although I always exercised my discretion when I witnessed minor traffic offences and the like. However, you do have to remember that although you are not on duty all times you still have the responsibilities and powers of a police officer 24 hours a day and I know of at least one case of a police officer being disciplined for failing to intervene in an incident while off duty. Most of the off-duty arrests involved assaults, street robberies, housebreakers, malicious damage etc. and on one occasion an evening out with a young lady was interrupted when I witnessed a pickpocket in operation. The young lady found herself as a witness and was relieved when she did not have to give evidence as the `dip' pleaded guilty. I never had problems with drug taking friends and if they indulged in such practices they kept quiet about it. I know one officer who had to arrest his brother-in-law for assault and another who had to arrest his father-in-law for being drunk and incapable. I am told I did cause a bit of unease when some friends were invited (outwith my hearing) to partake in a `lock-in' at a public house while I was in their company but I eventually sensed what was on the agenda and made my excuses and left. I suspect few occupations interfere with your social life more than the Police Service.
  18. Police Scotland insights

    BR I should have mentioned that Faslane is not policed by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary but by the MOD Police and I think there are very few (if any) CNC officers now based in Scotland. An exception may be Dounreay in Caithness. SNP policy is very ant-Trident and they state they would demand its removal from Scottish soil in the event of Scotland separating from the UK and that would mean the end of Faslane as a UK Naval base. This would surely mean that those MOD officers based at Faslane and other military establishment in Scotland would lose their jobs. However, this might not happen immediately as it would take many years to close down Faslane, so those MOD Police officers might get a `stay of execution' while Faslane was being dismantled.
  19. Yes, having thought about it I think you are correct. I suspect we shall see more terrorist attacks by means other than firearms.
  20. Police Scotland insights

    I have spoken to one or two BTP officers stationed in Scotland and they are (understandably) none too keen on being absorbed into Policescotland for precisely the reasons you state. From what I have heard the plan would be to create a special Railways Division within Policescotland to police the Scottish rail network but this has not been confirmed and the entire uncertainty among BTP officers in Scotland is understandable. A former ACC of Strathclyde Police who became head of BTP in Scotland some years ago has already stated that policing a rail network requires certain skills but I don't know if the Scottish Police Authority would recognise that and BTP officers might find themselves posted to duty outwith the rail network during the course of their service. If I was serving with BTP in Scotland at the moment, and having seen the mess the Scottish Government has made of domestic policing, I would seriously consider asking for a transfer to an English division of BTP.
  21. Police Scotland insights

    Indeed. I cannot understand the mentality of the SNP who say they wish Scotland to be `independent' by leaving the United Kingdom and yet their policy is to obtain EU membership if Scotland did ever leave the UK. That is why I usually use the term `separatist' instead of `independent.' Surely you cannot be a member of a union and say you are independent? The truth of the matter is that the entire purpose of the SNP is to break up the United Kingdom and I have no doubt whatsoever that they would seek to achieve that aim even if it meant that Scotland would be the worse of leaving the UK. To most SNP supporters breaking up the UK is an aim in itself. Despite what some may say, Scotland actually does rather well as a result of being in the UK. Since the SNP have been in power, the services provided by NHS, Education Authorities and the Police Service have deteriorated and so far as policing is concerned I see little hope of improvement in the near future.
  22. Police Scotland insights

    Further to the above I note that in today's Scottish edition of the `Daily Mail' the front page news is that Policescotland are about to make 300 officers redundant. I doubt the veracity of this if this as there appears to be no legal mechanism for forcing redundancy on serving police officers but there can be no doubt that to achieve the huge savings required by the Scottish Government Policescotland will have to shed staff (it has already disposed of the services of a considerable number of support staff) as salaries are 90% of the Police Budget. However, if some form of voluntary redundancy were offered I have no doubt there would be a significant uptake as many officers are desperate to leave if the offer was suitable generous. I imagine such an offer would be aimed at officers in the senior service bracket as they are on the highest levels of pay and this would provide the biggest savings. The downside of that is that 40% of the Force is (I am told) composed of officers still in the their probation period or not long out of it. I know similar `bad things' are happening in English and Welsh Forces and suspect that transferring fromn one of them to Policescotland might well be a case of `out of the frying pan and into the fire.'
  23. Police Scotland insights

    I am retired but retain close connections with many serving police officers in various parts of Scotland. Since the 8 Scottish forces were amalgamated to produce what is now a single national force policing all of Scotland there I have to say that there have been a number of problems and morale amongst serving sworn officers and staff is probably at the lowest I have ever known it to be. Having said that, it wasn't particularly great before the creation of Policescotland. There is an overtime ban in force which involves officers having to chop and change rest days to avoid the incurrence of overtime and if an officer is engaged with an incident at the end of his shift he must cease dealing with it and hand over to someone on the oncoming shift in an effort to completely avoid or reduce overtime. There is also an embargo on promotion, up to an including the rank of chief inspector, so if a superintendent retires a chief inspector will be promoted but the vacancy caused by his promotion will not be filled. Another potential problem is the fact that as the force now has a Scotland-wide responsibility a recruit can be posted anywhere in the Country. New entrants are asked to specify their 3 preferred options of where they wish to serve but,as you might expect, these choices are not always granted. I know one officer who WAS given his choice of region but still found himself posted 100 miles away from his home. Much of Policescotland's troubles derive from cuts in the Police Budget by the Scottish Government which will amount to something like £1.2 billion over the next few years. For the first 2 years of Policescotland's existence, it took these cuts in its stride but it is now deeply in debt and this situations is likely to grow worse. Another hurdle is the uncertainty caused by the Scottish National Party who, despite being defeated in a referendum in 2014 regarding Scotland separating from the UK, continue to pursue a path of attempting to break up the United Kingdom. On the plus side I would say that living in Scotland tends to be less expensive than in most parts of England and there are some really beautiful places to stay. On a personal level I would think hard before moving to Scotland from England at the present time but everyone has different ideas and priorities so it may well be a suitable move for some. Best of luck with whichever decision you make.
  24. Death by Taser

    The same has often been said about the tickets of AFOs but very few have ever resorted to going down that road. It would certainly give HMG something of a shock if such an action was taken en masse but those who hold firearms and Taser authorisations seem to be willing to take the chance of ending up in the dock. I suppose it's a case of ``It will never happen to me.''
  25. Death by Taser

    As always, in matters of this nature, it quickly becomes forgotten that the injured/deceased individual sustained whatever harm occured to them as a result of behaving in a violent and disorderly manner in the first place. I'm sure the officers concerned did not arrive at the scene of the matter under review and decide to Taser someone just for the Hell of it. I am not surprised the officers are now the subject of a criminal enquiry. The ways things are, the powers- that-be would inaugurate such an enquiry just to show that they were `doing something.'