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  1. It may be hearsay but if it is then why are those serving officers (who are the root of the hearsay) telling lies?
  2. You allege this cannot happen any more but I know many officers who not only tell me that they deliberately fail to record crimes but are encouraged in this practice by their supervisors who, I understand, are under pressure from senior management to make it appear that there is less reported crime. If what you say is correct, a lot of my friends are telling lies.
  3. Marine conviction overturned.

    I believe it was a great mistake and injustice to put this Marine of trial in the first place and hope the fight may be continued in some way to eventually have his conviction overturned altogether. I hope that he and his family manage to recover from the injustice which I feel has been perpetrated against them and manage to live a normal life.
  4. It is a disgrace that the front line of your force was so depleted that the stabbings you refer to did not receive the attention they deserved. Did anyone inform the local/national press of this failing ? Has is become widely known in the area? I believe it is only when sufficient public anger and fear has been aroused that such matters will be properly addressed. The Federation should be feeding such stories as this to the Press as often as possible.
  5. Totally agree with you Zulu. The senior command of the UK Police Service have much culpability in what has happened to the Police Service. But if you are not of a certain mind-set I doubt if you would ever be permitted to attain those dizzy heights.
  6. Little wonder that regard for the police is much diminished in many places. I hear so many stories along these lines. Several people have told me that when police officers arrived at their homes/places of business in response to complaints of various types the police officers told them almost immediately that there was nothing they could do or tried to talk them out of making a formal complaint, the latter being along the lines of, ``There are no witnesses'' or ``We don't have much chance of catching anyone'' etc. etc. A couple of years ago I was in a neighbour's house when 2 police officers arrived in response to his complaint about theft of garden ornaments/furniture. The officers, from the very start, began to talk the neighbour out of complaining and although I thought their powers of persuasion were lacking they succeeded in their aim. Many complainers who receive this treatment conclude that the officers in question are simply lazy or incompetant and, although they may be correct in some instances, the real reason is that the Police Service appears to have lost its sense of priorities and forgotten that it is primarily a law enforcement organisation and not a social work department. Only 2 weeks ago I heard an experienced officer boast of his skill in talking people out of complaining and he said he always tried not record a crime that he did not think he could detect. This is all part of the same strategy about making it appear as if there is less crime than there really exists and that has surely had the effect of assisting HMG in reducing police establishments etc.
  7. In my part of the world the police continue to arrest and process shoplifters no matter how small the value of the stolen property is but many of these cases are dealt with by FPN and when they do come before a court the penalties are usually derisory to the extent that shoplifting has, to an extent. been legalised. I know of one female who appeared in a court and pleaded guilty to shopliting and admitted 8 previous convictions over the previous 2/3 years for the the crime. She was admonished on each occasion which means that although a conviction was recorded no penalty was imposed. No much encouragement there to make her think again about mending her ways.
  8. Judging by the number of young people applying to join the Police Service it would appear that there are many out there who would willingly work for the current salary and conditions offered to potential police officers and it would also appear many of those currently serving are willing to continue in the Service despite the ravages imposed on police pay, pensions and conditions of service over the past few years, not to speak of the reductions in manpower. Furthermore, they demonstrate on a daily basis that despite what has been done to them they are still willing to go the extra mile and stick their necks out to make sure the system continues to work and the public receives the best service possible under the circumstances currently prevailing. Given all the foregoing is it any wonder HMG continues to operate on a `policing on the cheap' basis? After all, we all like a bargain. If the public were in any way interested in the plight of the Police Service and those who work in it they would make an issue of the matter. but they don't because most MOPs seldom think about the police until they find themselves a victim of some crime or misfortune.
  9. I have yet to find anything that would give me cause to give Sturgeon praise. The while thing is a mess and that goes beyond policing and includes the NHS and Education in Scotland. Surgeon and the SNP are incapable of properly governing Scotland and, as she recently said, taking Scotland out of the UK transcends everything.
  10. The truth of the matter is that Policescotland is totally and utterly broke. Since its creation various methods have been used in an attempt to make economies, including the controversial reduction of police support staff which means that many officers who should be on operational duties now have to undertake those functions latterly perfromed by the support staff who are no longer there. It has been obvious for some time that the only way to successfully achieve the cash savings required is to reduce the numbers of sworn officers abd that it what is being done. I know of nobody who truly believes anything other than that. The statements issuing from the current Chief Constable and others in authority concerned with Police Scotland amount to nothing more than smoke and mirrors in attempt to placate the public. Why can't they just say `Look, we are broke. We will have to reduce the saize of our establishment if we are to get anywhere near the savings necessary and the public weill just have to accept the reduced service they will receive.''
  11. Cressida Dick to be new Met Commissioner

    We shall probably never know what she really meant by that remark but the officers who carried out the shooting obviously took it to mean that shooting De Menezes if necessary was permissable and carried out their duty in good faith and without regard to their own safety. I suspect there may well be something of the `diversity appointment' involved in this matter and it was probably inevitable that an appointment made with regard to gender, sexual orientation or race etc would be made with regard to the job of Commissioner of the Met. However, the decision has been made and I think we should wish Ms Dick every success in her new appointment and see how she performs in her new and highly important role.
  12. Judges rule on Brexit

    This by-election merely reflects the (not entirely clear) position in one constituency in the south of England. It would be interesting to see what the result would be in other constituencies in the north of England. But it matters little, the result of the referendum still stands and I have little doubt that, at the end of the day, we will leave the failing EU despite all the delating tactics of the `bad loser' Remainers and my only worry is that their obstructive behaviour and display of disunity may affect our chances of the best possible deal on exit. As for the result of a general election I suspect the fact that Jeremy Corbyn would be a potential prime minister would be a decisive factor, Brexit or no Brexit.
  13. Judges rule on Brexit

    Before any of us speculate further i think we might well ait until the result of certain forthcoming referenda, elections etc in Italy, Austria and other places in the EU. These results are unlikely to affect the decisions of the judges who, quite properly, are only concerned with legal and procedural issues but they may well affect what evetually happens when the matter comes before Parliament.
  14. Judges rule on Brexit

    I suspect the matter will be debated in Parliament and it remains to be seen how the MPs vote. If they go against the will of the electorate as shown in the Referendum then we will have lost another little scrap of democracy.
  15. Judges rule on Brexit

    You could apply to any opinion and viewpoint held by anyone and it applies euqlly to those who favour unfettered immigration. Like OAH, any bias I hold is certainly of the concious variety and if I also have an unconcious bias it is really subordinate to the conscious one and is therefore of such a similar nature to the extent that it doesn't really matter.
  16. Judges rule on Brexit

    I rarely meet anyone who is absolutely against immigration. All most people want in regard to that issue is that we should have the ability and right to choose which immigrants we want and decline those we don't. I fail to see how anyone could object to that.
  17. Judges rule on Brexit

    I would actually be quite annoyed if ALL of the £350 million per week was given exclusively to the NHS. The UK has many other important uses to which this cash could be directed and I would include the various parts of the failing Criminal Justice System in this and Defence, to which we do contribute sufficient funds.
  18. Judges rule on Brexit

    BIKERIDER I am quite certain your assertion that, for most of the electorate, the financial situation was not of paramount importance but for me it was. As I have said previously, different people voted the way they did for a variety of reasons. The financial situation was, for me, the the straw that broke the camel's back but I totally agree with all the other factors that you mention as being perfectly good reasons to vote to leave the EU and I did take account of them in arriving at me decision.
  19. Judges rule on Brexit

    Given the parlous state of many EU countries I consider remaining within the failing, corrupt and inept EU would also be a gamble and my perception of the issue was that we would be better out of the EU. It appears a significant chunk of the electorate thought likewise. I have no doubt, once the dust has settled and we leave the EU, that there will be those who complain they did not get exactly what they voted for. It is relatively rare in life that we get everything that politicians, employers, relatives etc. promise us. To think otherwise would be naive. We didn't get everything we wanted at the end of WW11 and I have never known a government to be elected in this (and probably any other country) who delivered on everything they promised the electorate while campaigning for office. You can't please all of the people all of the time.
  20. The Secret Life of Prisons

    Some of the Old Testament stuff is pretty horrific so far as punishments go. Don't think the ancient inhabitants of Palestine thought much of community service etc. etc.
  21. Judges rule on Brexit

    Entire speculation. Nobody knows what the end result will be but I think we are potentially in a good position to achieve a good deal so long as those involved in negotiations are permitted keep their aims close to their chest and not divulge any information which would be detrimental to their cause.
  22. Judges rule on Brexit

    I expect different people voted the way they did for different reasons. I voted to leave because it appears to me that many of the EU countries are corrupt and their financial positions are nearing disaster. I think we should leave the sinking ship,
  23. The Secret Life of Prisons

    I agree. For many years successive governments have ignored the safety and well-being of those involved at the sharp end of the Criminal Justice system and have relied on the good-will of police and prison officers and the fact that many are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that the system continues to work to some extent.
  24. Judges rule on Brexit

    And if such a referendum was held and the result was the same as last time then the remainers would just want another one and another one until they got the result they wanted. If the result of the last referendum on this issue had turned out differently (as I anticipated) then any dissent from those who (like me) voted to leave would have been jeered at by the those who voted the remain. The results of a referendum should be final and those who vote in them should be fully aware of that no matter what the outcome. If the remain side had won in the vote we have just had on the EU I would have accepted it. I would have thought we had lost a once in a lifetime golden opportunity for the future of the UK but I would have accepted the result.
  25. The Secret Life of Prisons

    It appears that prisoners more or less do as they like in today's prison system. HMG needs to make restoring some form of order in our penal establishments a priority and I believe that can only be done by recruiting large numbers of well remunerated staff and giving them the full support and backing of the law.