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  1. Inspectors OSPRE 1 2010

    Has anyone got their results yet or been told it is definitely today?
  2. Part 2 Results??

    Has anyone had their breakdown of results through yet? I'm off work at the moment and don't have access to e mails, so no idea of whether they have been sent yet.
  3. Part 2 Results??

    Yes, my other half got his right at the beginning of Dec last year. As long as they come before Christmas Im happy!
  4. Part 2 Results??

    Hi Everyone. Feels like only the other day we were on here waiting for Part 1 results! I just thought I would see if anyone has any indication of when the Part 2 results will be out??

    I'm from Essex and haven't heard. Just rung the DCI who said he hasn't had them through yet, but will get a phone call if you pass from command team. If not you may get a call or e mail from your station Insp. Let me know if you hear anything. The waiting is doing my head in!