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  1. Judges rule on Brexit

    I can't believe that anyone is surprised that the Remainers continue to argue their points, just the same as the Brexiteers would have had the outcome been the other way around. In a country that supports free speech it should be applauded that people continue debate. With the vote a virtual dead heat there are enough people with the opposing view to have informed (and ill informed) discussions about it. It's not like it was the outcome of the Gibraltar referendum with 98.5% voting no. Those voting yes knew they had no voice so no point in doing anything other than accepting such an overwhelming outcome. Everyone is entitled to spout their opinion in this free country, and should be allowed to do so without being accused of being childish, stamping their feet, or bad losers. If people believe that there should be no further debate following a referendum then the 2016 one shouldn't have been held as those anti EU people should have accepted the previous one where the public voted to join. Everyone should have just shut up and put up with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Judges rule on Brexit

    How about -I go on holiday every year to the same place and it's okay but the place is getting a bit run down and I'm wondering if it's worth the money. A travel agent says vote for me and I'll get you a better holiday. Where? Don't know yet, not until you've signed up. How much? Same answer. What sort of holiday? Winter sun? Summer beach? Skiing? Don't worry about that. Just commit yourself to us and we'll give you a better holiday than the one you've got. But will it be suitable for my kids? Don't know. Until you commit yourself to us we can't start looking. So I may not get a beach holiday? Maybe not but don't worry. Just hope that it will be what you want. What if I can't afford it? Just hope that you can. Even if you can't it will be better than what you've got now. Hmmm. Do I stick with my guaranteed holiday that I'm okay with or sign up for something that could be worse and unaffordable? Or even the same holiday I've got now but it costs me more? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Judges rule on Brexit

    The point is despite the vote and that we cancel our membership that doesn't mean we will sever every tie with our European neighbours. The vote was like saying our car is ropey, do we try to fix it or get a replacement? Brexiteers say get a replacement. What will the replacement be? Doesn't matter you're better off with a replacement. But I've got four kids so will there be room for them? Be patriotic, just get a replacement. You'll be better off. Is it a new car or second hand? Doesn't matter, it will be better than what you've got now. But my current car can be fixed for a couple of hundred quid and it's only got 50,000 miles on the clock. Will the replacement have less mileage? Will it be newer? My grandfather didn't fight the Germans for you just to keep that old car. Just have a replacement. Have you seen the replacement? No. How much will it cost? Don't know. So you can't tell me anything about this replacement but expect me to agree to it? Yes. You will be much better off. How? Because you won't be tied to that old car that needs fixing. But it's served me quite well and at least I know what I've got. The replacement may be too small and in worse condition than the one I've got. You just have hope that it will be better. I believe it will be. Why can't you tell me anything about it? Colour? Engine size? Number of seats? How much it will cost? Until you agree to having a replacement we can't start to look around for it. So I agree to a replacement but it may be older, smaller, more mileage and cost more to run than the one I've got now? Well yes. But at least you will have made your own decision to have a replacement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Judges rule on Brexit

    So if it was possible to see the deal before the vote and the deal was we leave with:the retention of the free movement of people; a watered down member of the single market (less favourable than now because we are not full members); We have to pay 75% of what we pay now; No voting rights on any laws or regulations; We have to comply with all those laws and regulations; No longer part of the European Arrest Warrant - so people suspected of crimes in the UK cannot be simply arrested in the EU and returned. Then you would vote for that because it would men we were out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Judges rule on Brexit

    So you think people will vote in a general election based solely on whether the candidate is pro Brexit or not? No other issues or content of their manifesto matters? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Judges rule on Brexit

    It could be that although 52% of the whole electorate voted to leave when broken down into constituencies in 326 there were more Remainers. So MPs could vote with their constituents and the overall vote would be to remain. Also, now we have more knowledge then shouldn't the MPs seek the views of their constituents at the time of their vote? Which might be different from what it was at the time of the referendum.
  7. Judges rule on Brexit

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the Brexiteers have to take this to the European court to force the Government to leave?
  8. Judges rule on Brexit

    The referendum wasn't a decision, and never pretended to be despite some people thinking it was. But then, some people didn't know much about what Brexit might mean.
  9. Brexit reversal attempt

    Can't argue with that. I'm sure that you believe that - and indeed we 'could' get such agreements. Of course an equally valid opinion is that maybe none of those countries are prepared to make deals with us that are as good as those we have with EU countries, or maybe they don't want to deal with us at all in many areas.
  10. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    Not a good example of the effectiveness of the police nor that the police weren't interested. They must have made enquiries to establish that no one saw him driving it and the vehicle must have been examined to show there was no forensic evidence. This more the effectiveness of the law. But that said whilst many will think the known criminal took the car there is no evidence he did. Maybe a criminal friend wanted to visit so nicked a car and left it on his driveway. I've been accused more than once of not being interested because there was no evidence, once by a victim who told me he knew who'd burgled his bed sit but wouldn't tell me who it was because it was my job to find out!
  11. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    Of course before you can answer the question you need to define what the police are supposed to do and how that is measured. I've seen some officers very effective at things that are not their job.
  12. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    There's ample evidence that most crimes don't get reported. I studied this in the mid 90s and any book on the subject will tell you that. The police can't do a lot about what it doesn't know about. Where it loses some effectiveness is when it doesn't record the crimes it does get told about - evidence e.g. recent HMIC report that GMP fail to record some 38,000 crimes a year. I know that headline figure doesn't tell the whole story and GMP will have effectively dealt with many of those incidents without labelling them crimes. The best place to look for evidence of police efficiency is on the PEEL inspection reports on the HMIC website.
  13. CC Priorities - letting the front line down

    What forces still have Officers' Messes and mess nights? In my old force the Divisional ones went 20 or more years ago and the HQ one at least 10, maybe 15 years ago. In the force I currently work in what was the Officers' Mess has been a meeting room for many years, not many people can remember it being the mess, only the dinosaurs.
  14. Brexit reversal attempt

    Even if we don't actually Brleave.
  15. Brexit reversal attempt

    Brexits cost me a holiday. Please hold back the sympathy but two days before TM's speech we had a look at some winter sun and found a deal we could stretch to £1,350 each. Left it a week before deciding to go for it to find it was then over £400 each more expensive. Down to the fall in the pound. Guess we can warm ourselves in Penrith in February, as long as marmite on toast isn't too expensive.
  16. Brexit reversal attempt

    Shame on you Cheese. Get those 1970s rose tinted spectacles back on. I remember the wonderful days where my dad only had to work three days a week, we had romantic candlelit evenings and could laugh at those people stood beside the road next to their products of the great British car industry. Happy days.
  17. Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

    Corbyn remains party leader with an increased mandate. I doubt if people will now shut up and let him get on with the job that over 60% of the people who count want him to do.
  18. lifting of pension cap

    An oxymoron.
  19. Pension Challenge

    So not 'insider' knowledge at all. You used publicly available information to make your own decision on how to invest.
  20. Spit Hoods.....

    Was the escorting officer many years ago, before the days of cages so we carried prisoners in the back of Ford Escorts. Matey decided to spit and bite so I sat on his head for the 20 minutes drive to custody. In hindsight a lot could have gone wrong and I could have spent (another) couple of stressful years with PSD. A sack over the head would have been less degrading and more civilised.
  21. Pension Challenge

    Perhaps the Fed should have held a referendum of its membership to establish whether it should have spent it's money on a legal challenge? If only 10% of the membership agreed to have its money spent that way would that not be justification to not pursue it?
  22. Pension Challenge

    Perhaps the Fed should have held a referendum of its membership to establish whether it should have spent it's money on a legal challenge? If only 10% of the membership agreed to have its money spent that way would that not be justification to not pursue it?
  23. Screenplay Research

    We had established its not on PNC in posts #2 and #3. Moving on from there to try to help the playwright.
  24. Screenplay Research

    It would on our local system.
  25. Donald Trump

    I'm not a Facebook user but have a pseudo account because it's useful without being public. Anywho - through this I see lots posts and links from Americans who are almost exclusively pro Trump and despise Clinton. Quite why I am not sure as from my passing interest I think its 50-50 amongst all Americans, I guess maybe the Americans who are interested in the things I am interested in are pro Trump. Reminds me very much of the run up to the Brexit vote with each side promoting their own views and skewing everything they could to a pro them/ anti the other side story. Trump sounds a little 'off the wall' but my mum used to have a saying about sense coming from babies and fools. Didn't the Chinese build a bigger wall a few years ago. I thought it was one of the biggest inanimate objects that cannot be seen from a space or something. I think that kept the Mexicans from getting into China, or out, not sure which way around it was.