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  1. Direct Entry...Everything!

    Well I've been that response officer and the investigator and I think this is all the wrong way around. It would be much better for response officers to have the experience of those specialists who have to pick up the jobs they have started. If someone's role means they will never be taking a statement from a drunk at 3am then why do they need to experience that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Direct Entry...Everything!

    Nooooo. How on earth can anyone think that a person could ever learn to do one job without ever having down a related one? And no one, other than a police officer has ever had a very big workload stressing then out. No no no. Not NHS staff or teachers or people in the private sector and certainly not social workers. When have you ever heard of a social worker having too many cases to deal with effectively. And a direct entry DC could never learn how to take a statement properly. You have to join as a probationer in uniform, then you just know how to take one. Ask any DC and they will tell you that the statements that find their way into handover packages are just the best ever. It's something to do with being taken at 3am from a drunk or highly emotional witness. Those are always taken by uniform staff as a DC is never working at 3am. And if they go ahead with this crazy idea what next? Maybe civilian SOCOs - how can anyone know how to forensically examine a crime scene unless they have been the one first on the scene and started the investigation? Or maybe comms staff? Ha ha! You could only be a radio operator if you have the experience of being on the receiving end. Crazy ideas. We just HAVE to keep everything just the way it always was. Trying new things just never works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Judges rule on Brexit

    Good point. Surely we would need less 'manpower' (and womanpower)?There will be fewer laws - when we get rid of all those EU imposed ones; There will be fewer criminals - with a huge cut in immigration and getting rid of all the foreign criminals; We will have British people doing British jobs so huge reduction in Modern Slavery crimes; Without those immigrants taking our jobs there will more employment, which is known to reduce crime.
  4. Senior Police Woman Suspended

    Apart from the, sadly predictable, mysogonistic posts about this the following views really make me wonder about people's view of treating people fairly: Am I the only one who reads this as one officer was bullied by a more senior one. The senior one was suspended and has been disciplined for that. The victim of the bullying is getting on with her career, and happens to have been promoted to another force. Why is the victim being vilified? Why should a victim be punished, lose their job, not be respected? Standing by for the suggestions that there 'may be more to this' and 'probably' the now Supt did something wrong as well. But the publicised evidence shows she was targeted and attacked for no other reason than the other thought she had had a boob job, which she denies anyway, not that it would matter if she had.
  5. Judges rule on Brexit

    The Richmond by election gives us the first insight into a political vote since Brexit has been a major issue. In the referendum the then MP, Zac Goldsmith was pro EU but 69.2% (75,396) of his constituents voted to leave in the referendum. In the recent by election the Lib Dems got a massive swing, probably based on Sarah Olney being a Brexit supporter. People more qualified than me to make the political analysis are making all sorts of claims over this but it seems fairly safe to assume that the Brexit issue had its part to play in the Lib Dem victory. It was not as simple however as all Brexiteers voting for the Brexit party. Firstly a lot fewer people voted in the by election than in the referendum, 41,367 compared with 108,000 - probably will be the case in a General Election. Ms Olney won with 49.6% of the vote but only 20,510 votes in total. Now we will never know how each person voted in both cases but if all those Lib Dem supporters at the by election were Brexit voters in the referendum what happened to the other 55,000? They probably were not so bothered about Brexit as they did not ensure the Europhile Goldsmith did not get back in. Aside from that there were almost certainly Remainers who are dir hard Lib Dem voters and so stuck with their party of choice. My summary of it is that while on a single issue the people may wish 70-30 for one thing when it comes to the whole package it is a lot closer, and in those constituencies where the referendum result was closer to 50-50 the likelihood of a General Election result following the referendum findings becomes less likely.
  6. His 1st diplomatic error

    Maybe he was advised to speak to them by his 'British advisor' and total waste of space Nigel Farage?
  7. A Recovery continues

    Sounds good but my understanding of it is that as the are an EU member state then because of the EU customs union and 'common commercial policy', they are not able to negotiate their own trade agreements with non-member countries ie us after Brexit. They can only do so as part of the EU. So if we want to benefit from this we will either have to buy into the single market or negotiate a separate deal with the whole of the EU. And we can't start negotiations for at least 2 years.
  8. A Recovery continues

    Troll or do you live in total denial? It's got to be one or the other.
  9. A Recovery continues

    OK I'll play your game. There are 28 member states not 27. Each member state pays about 1% GNI in contributions. We don't take the total and divide it by 28 so everyone pays an equal cash amount. The U.K. With its rebate gives the lowest proportion of GNI - £12.9B in cash terms. This is fourth highest in cash terms. Germany pays the most in cash terms, more than the total of the lowest 19 contributors. So Malta pays about €66,000,000. Germany pays about €26,000,000,000. All of those 28 amounts added together = the total budget.
  10. Judges rule on Brexit

    Thank you Cheese for your typically erudite post that makes my point more understandable for some. Thank you also HMS for answering the question and so adding the discussion - although it was asked of Zulu as it is he who is insisting that everyone who voted to leave will only vote for candidates who support the leave campaign. HMS is one who would vote on the single issue - and explains this as accepting five years of pain with an MP he didn't want would lead to the greater good of leaving the EU. Cheese shows the opposite stance with the broader issues deciding on his vote. I guess this shows that the 17.5 million people will not necessarily vote for Brexit candidates, nor will the 16.2 million only vote for pro EU ones.
  11. Judges rule on Brexit

    I didn't invent the BNP or votes for it. There has been BNP candidates and people have voted for them. Can you give a straight answer to a straight question? I believe you won't and deflect in your usual way, but here goes. Just imagine a general election is called and in your constituency there is no UKIP candidate. All but one of the candidates are pro European, the only candidate who will vote to leave/trigger Article 50 is from the BNP. DO YOU VOTE FOR THE BNP CANDIDATE? YES or NO.
  12. A Recovery continues

    Wow. This post shows such lack of understanding I don't know where to begin - or are you just trolling? 5 million missing out of 117 billion? I don't know where you get the 5M from but that's 0.004% - that can be accounted for by rounding.
  13. Judges rule on Brexit

    Does that mean that only the liberal left voted to remain in the EU and for Clinton to be President?
  14. A Recovery continues

    How can it be unbelievable. All the figures are publicly available - unless you such a conspiracy theorist that you think all the published numbers about everything is wrong. EU budget for 2015 = €145 billion = £122 billion at today's exchange rate. NHS net expenditure was £117.229 billion in 2015/16. So actually EU budget is slightly more now but back when the exchange rate was different it was less. Just shows that in real terms membership of the EU isn't that expensive.
  15. Judges rule on Brexit

    I did. If I had Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green and Independent candidates standing in my area all of whom declared their pro EU stance with a BNP candidate being the only one who would vote for Brexit. Someone is suggesting that every Brexiteer in the constituency will vote BNP in a general election. My point is EU membership is not the only show in town in a general election and people will vote on a whole range of issues.
  16. A Recovery continues

    It has been explained but you don't want to know about anything that doesn't fit with your agenda. The Full Facts link by BR puts it succinctly - the accounts have been signed off for the last 9 years. There are some errors, but it would be suspicious if every penny of a multi billion Euro budget was accounted for and spent exactly according to the rules. When I looked previously I found that applying the same rules to the UK budget showed more money was 'missing' from the Westminster coffers than the Brussels ones. And the 'absolute corrupt' phrase is rather wearing and absolutely inaccurate. If the EU was 'absolutely' corrupt then it wouldn't be <4% of the money misspent, it would be 100% of the budget stolen. And every MEP, including Farage and the other UKIP members all 'absolutely' corruptly taking their share.
  17. Judges rule on Brexit

    I hope that my MP votes in Parliament on this, and all other matters the way he believes is best for the country. That's what I want from my MP. I cannot imagine that someone would vote in a general election for the candidate who agreed with them on one single issue. I would read the manifestos and about the values and beliefs of the individuals. Imagine having several candidates who believe remaining in the EU is the best option with the only candidate wanting to leave being from the BNP. Does anyone really think that the BNP would get in just because of the EU vote?
  18. A Recovery continues

    I don't see the point of the last post. You start talking about pure conjecture, no one can know the future, the experts get it wrong, the crystal ball hasn't been invented yet. Then quote John Brennan as though he is an expert. By your own argument he can't know the future, he hasn't got a crystal ball, his opinion is pure conjecture and he only has a 2% chance of being right. Trump may become the best President the USA ever had.
  19. A Recovery continues

    Well said Z; and I owe myself another mince pie. Of course the key question is will the rest of the world want to trade with us? And if they do will it be on as favourable terms as we currently have within the EU?
  20. A Recovery continues

    This is just positioning before the main event. Article 50 and actual Brexit will slam us all economically. And that will probably take beyond my lifetime to recover from. The Office for Budget Responsibility has calculated that the lower migration, slower productivity growth and higher inflation likely to be caused by Brexit will cost us £59bn from the public finances over the next five years. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says Brexit would hit productivity and wage growth, and the falling pound would drive up inflation. Brexit would cause the biggest pay squeeze in Britain for 70 years – more than a decade without real earnings growth. A report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that every major wealth-creating sector would be hit if the UK left the single market. So I don't know where the NHS will get its extra £350M a week from.
  21. Judges rule on Brexit

    I'll just accept that some are unconsciously bias to unconscious bias and move on.
  22. Judges rule on Brexit

    That is not a bias. That is a rational and conscious fear or acknowledgment of danger based on learning and experience. If you don't understand something it is better to belittle and pour scorn on it. Maybe an unconscious bias against academics? Of course you will say that your learning and experience has shown you that all academics are rubbish, like you say all politicians are corrupt, all EU supporters are fools, all surveys are not worth the paper they are written on ... Indeed anyone not in agreement with you gets put in a box and ridiculed in some way.
  23. Judges rule on Brexit

    It does apply to everyone and every opinion. If you do not have unconscious bias then you are not human. ERNIE has no unconscious bias because it is a machine.
  24. Judges rule on Brexit

    If you knew about it then it wouldn't be unconscious. We all have unconscious bias - it is a natural human condition.
  25. Judges rule on Brexit

    those who understand conscious and unconscious bias.