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  1. Police Pass books

    Does anyone have Police Pass books they wish to sell?
  2. Lancashire Applicants

    I have had a text to say they have received my application thats all.
  3. Lancashire Applicants

    Sorry about that mate I saw your real user name after I had put the post on and thought he must think I am a right one. lol. It is my first app and just want to know if I have made the sift or not. I hope your right and it is worth it. Good luck. Chris.chris_hinch2009-04-04 10:18:36
  4. Lancashire Applicants

    Have you applied this time round 4 pint foss? chris_hinch2009-04-03 22:16:27
  5. Lancashire Applicants

    Has anyone been told if they have got through the paper sift yet?
  6. Lancashire Applicants

    Does anybody know how many officers Lancs are looking for on this recruitment drive?