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  1. Graham

    Yes, I wanted to say that too. All the best, Jon
  2. Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    Thanks Gooner, I think one reason for me being so quick is that I like to SPRING into action. Well, looks like I've still got it!
  3. Graham

    I haven't been around very much over the past couple of months or so, and was saddened to hear of Graham's passing. Although I've never met anyone from this forum, some you do build up a picture of. I found many of Graham's posts educational, and with a mix of humour he made a good impression on me. Croby- that was an excellent tribute- I'm sure he's up there somewhere giving you the thumbs up! Graham- RIP. You may be gone, but not forgotten. Frog2009-08-23 09:08:13
  4. Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    Congrats there, Gooner! I know how that feels... I got my training start date for 3rd September, so looking forward to it. It's been a hell of a log process, but we all go through it- so we all know how everyone else feels! I think my vetting and refs are done... hope so, anyway!
  5. Problem!

    Quite right, M&MBM. There was no way I could get back to the UK due to London airports being closed because of the snow. As it turned out, my new AC Day 1 was some 6 weeks later, which wasn't too bad. TMelt- I think they do understand delays on compassionate grounds, so as long as you explain, they'll understand and fit you in at the next available slot. The whole process is very slow, but don't let that put you off... Best of luck with everything...
  6. Armed Forces Day.

    MrsDarthFuzz- I'm afraid you're quite right. Our troops are not important enough for this government. Not to mention their greed- the cost will be 'too high' for a government that has got us into the biggest debt in our history since the foundation of the Bank of England way back in 1694. Saying that, though, there will almost certainly be a change of government at the next election- and that'll be the time to start lobbying for one (or both) of these extra public hols. So, there's at least a some degree of hope...
  7. clothing

    Well done there, Simon09- glad to hear that it wasn't like a sauna in the AC! And good luck with the results... The long wait can be agonising, so try to forget about it all for a few weeks.
  8. Michael Jackson

    Saw on the news yesterday about MJ's last rehearsal which took place just over a week ago. Or is MJ already back from the dead? Maybe his song 'Thriller' was trying to tell us something- and his death is probably all part of his long-term act? I can see it now- the conspiracy theorists will be having a field day! Michael Jackson- the Living Dead... or to be precise, The Undead. Hmmm, I always wondered why he looked increasingly pale as he got older. Now he's reached the stage where he's completely white... as white as a ghost. Scary stuff, eh? Looks like they'll stuff and lacquer him before putting him on display after all. I can't wait to see the shock of the mourners as they file past, when MJ suddenly opens his eyes, and says in his high-pitched voice... "Oww"!
  9. clothing

    Don't worry- they want you to feel comfortable, so a smart open-neck shirt would be fine. You can always wear a tie, and remove it later. As for a blazer, no harm in taking it along- you can carry it over your arm- I'm sure that's how most candidates will be on the day...
  10. Michael Jackson

    So, my guess was right- looks like he's going to be stuffed, lacquered, and put on display after all. It all seems a bit creepy to me, as well as inappropriate. On the other hand, I guess nothing from Wacko Jacko's family should surprise me. I agree with Bikerider's verion of 'Lying in a state'. Maybe they should play 'Thriller' continuously as the fans file past? I wonder how much they will be charged for the privilege?
  11. Michael Jackson

    Made into Lego? Hmmm, I heard different: That he's going to be stuffed, lacquered, and put on display in a mausoleum just like Lenin...
  12. Armed Forces Day.

    World War II? Isn't that a Michael Jackson song from the 1980s? MrsDarth Fuzz- I'm ashamed to say that I missed it, too. There were far more important things in the news regarding Michael Jackson's death- and I just had to find out how long that guy on the latest Reality TV was going to sleep before getting up to make himself a fruit salad for breakfast. Seriously, Armed Forces Day would be a fantastic idea, along with St.George's Day, for 2 extra public holidays. Armed Forces Day should be in July when the weather would be almost guaranteed. Somehow, I doubt that our delightful, honest and selfless politicians will agree.
  13. Michael Jackson

    Our delightful, honest, decent, hard-working, charitable and selfless politicians, who speak for us all and treat us with utmost respect at all times, are responsible for creating the wonderful society that we call 'progress'. Who wants to know about unimportant things like the economy, the unrest in Iran, North Korea's latest nuclear tests, Somali pirates, family values, etc, etc- when we can hear about far more interesting and educational subjects such as the ins and outs of Michael Jackson's death, David Beckham's latest hairstyle, and who designed Susan Boyle's new dress? Give me Reality TV any day! Duh, living under a rock is such great fun- but my brain hurts. I'm bored, so gonna go and watch a bit of paint dry whilst listening to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson for the 238th time tody...
  14. Info or help wanted!

    Cakelady123- Will do! The Jedi- Actually, I'm not nervous- just taking it in my stride- but still in limbo land... which is a bit of an odd feeling. Oh well, what's meant to be is meant to be, and what ain't, ain't... What will be, will be... Que sera sera!
  15. Info or help wanted!

    Hi there, Cakelady123- Good point, I might just do that. Only I expect they'll just tell me that the process is still ongoing. My boss at work hasn't been contacted me yet, and Recruitment haven't got as far as the references I gave (my references would have told me by now)... Still, I'll chase Recruitment up at the end of the week...