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  1. Where to live

    Thanks for answering. I've been self employed in performance arts for 17 years, getting paid on an ad hoc basis, usually late, no job security, no pension, no sick pay, no holiday pay and you're only as good as your last gig so even a regular wage will be like Christmas and easter rolled into one. Oh, and I won't have the agony of filling a tax form once a year:)))
  2. Where to live

    HI there I'm about to sign up and was wondering about which borough to request. I know that previously officers were advised to work in a borough different to the one the were working in but I've head that it's no longer the case. Advice? How dangerous is it to live in the borough you work in? Will my car get trashed? Do crims ever really target officer's homes? If you could enlighten me I'd be very grateful. Apols if this ends up in the wrong place I'm new to the forum. Oh and another thing, I'm 49 in a couple of months- too old to start out? ( I don't feel old)