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    I’m 24 years old, I work in a small Northen Rural Police force, the city I work in I enjoy working in and they are a very good employer and at the moment I’ve got great supervision, but there are a lack of lateral movements I am waiting a few months for my probation to be signed off after completing everything I have needed to complete, once my probation is signed off, there is a part of me that wants to transfer to the Met if the opportunity arises so I can experience response policing in a faster paced environment and apply to various lateral moves as every ex met officer I know seems to of worked in many different departments I just have a few questions, but I’m gonna wait until I’m out my 2 years before I properly look into it, but at times in my own force I feel like I spend my life dealing with very low level crime and there is not many “big jobs” in my force. Is it worth moving to London just to join the Met I don’t have any responsibilities we’re I live at the moment? is it realistic on a bobbies wage to live in London? Would you recommend moving to London alone? Are there lots of room for lateral movements in the Met ? whats moral like in the Met? what are overtime opportunities like? Is it realistic to join the Met without any asperations to be a Dc? Are there any warnings or advice you could give me about the Met as a career move?