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  1. Mobile phone technicality

    A police officer may pull you over if he reasonably believes you are not in full control of your vehicle BECAUSE you are distracted. You are distracted if you remove one hand from the steering wheel and start "TAPPING AWAY" at the screen with your eyes focusing on the phone. "Tapping away" defeats the purpose of "hands-free". Clearly, a hand is not free if you're using it for the device. Like holding, using a phone is equally as bad - where it is making or receiving a call, or performing any other interactive communication function whether with another person or not.
  2. Mobile phone technicality

    Just to clarify: This is a UK forum and thus, where not specified, you can assume all information is relevant to people in the UK. https://www.gov.uk/using-mobile-phones-when-driving-the-law If you don't understand this gov page then I highly doubt you'd be able to understand anyone offering guidance on here. I don't see anything about "handheld" anymore, only "using". Things change and get updated - and there won't be loopholes. It's simple: You may not use any internet enabled device. The police can check when you've used your phone and what you were doing on it via data checks. This means; You may not press any buttons while driving - this demonstrates distraction/loss of complete focus on controlling your vehicles, surroundings, driving, etc. It's irrelevant whether you hold the phone or not, you are not in complete control of your vehicle when you use a finger/thumb to press buttons on your phone. Do some research yourself. All informational websites and blogs will tell you that you aren't allowed to use your phone (regardless of handheld). The biggest giveaway that you aren't allowed to drive using your mobile, even stationary: Your eyes are not on the road! "Tapping away". That phrase especially shows distraction. A police officer may pull you over if he reasonably believes you arenot in full control of your vehicle BECAUSE you are distracted... It doesn't matter if you're at a stop, or whatever circumstances there may be, if you're distracted then you may get into trouble unless it's an emergency. Your phone not is a part of your vehicle. Unless you drive a Tesla. If you fail to understand this then you may later - if you drive and get a ticket.
  3. Mobile phone technicality

    I realise my previous reply may have been a little misleading. Here's an updated reply. Phones shouldn't be used while driving at all. If they were parked, with their engine off, then it would be an issue. If you hold a phone with one hand and type with the same hand; or If you put your phone in a cradle and type with one hand; One hand isn't free and they'll always be "unable to concentrate [on their driving and on their awareness of their surrounding] because one is preoccupied by something" [EOLD] One may only use their phone appropriately, such as in an emergency. Everything else can wait. I hope this helps. P.S "Hands-free" implies you don't need hands to operate such a device. In this situation, you state that they're using the phone with their hands. This means having it in a cradle does render it a hands-free solution to using your phone while driving. Please do not take my posts as fact. They're merely gibberish, not to be taken seriously. There is no guarantee that this post was written and posted by the registered user.
  4. C. Spencer Introduction

    I've wanted to become a Police Constable since I was about 7 and everything about policing interests me. I have my fair share of reasons why I want to join the Metropolitan Police now but initially, I didn't - it almost feels like a calling. I know it's cheesy but it's true. Additionally, I took interest in SFOs when I was younger and, since then, have a growing interest in the firearms units (namely SC&O19). If this was an interview: That's where I see myself in 5 years. Again, initially, I didn't have a reason - it just feels like a calling. I was just drawn to it, though I wouldn't mind specialising in any department. I'm only 18 and I decided to apply straight-away. I was hesitant at first because I don't see many police officers below 20 years of age and assumed it's because the police don't generally look for people THAT young. I have attended the assessment days and, as far as I'm concerned, have passed everything that didn't need investigating (fitness test, etc). I am currently waiting for my vetting now. I have been spoken to by an officer for playing "knock-knock" when I was about 9 or 10 and it was only at the road-side. Nothing happened. I declared it of course but I doubt I'd fail my vetting because of it. My family have no financial issues or anything like that so I am very confident that I'll be successful. However, It always worries me when I read that people are denied and told they may never, under any circumstances, in any capacity apply for the force again.