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  1. Proofreader query on ranks

    Thanks, all!
  2. Proofreader query on ranks

    Brilliant, thank you. Forgot to ask, however, how you would refer to a superintendent if talking to someone else - would it be 'the (chief) super'?
  3. Proofreader query on ranks

    Thanks very much. I'm trying to train her out of using DSI, which seems to be getting more and more popular on tv and in fiction these days.
  4. Proofreader query on ranks

    I proofread many crime books and try to make sure the authors get ranks right. However, I have one persistent offender who I believe is getting it wrong. So, could someone tell me, please: what is the correct abbreviation/initialism for Detective Superintendent in the Manchester Police? And how would you say it in speech? My contact in Kent Police say they use D.Supt but other places may use Det. Supt. I particularly want to know about Manchester and of course, on their website, I can't find any abbreviations! Thanks very much for any help.