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  1. Change of Career

    I spoken with HR and the dont know the answer.Now I know that my Nursing Diploma is a higher level than NVQ lev 3 but where I can prove this? anybody knows? Cheers
  2. Change of Career

    One question please.They ask for a nvq lev 3 or A level ect.Now if I have a diploma in Nursing,but obtained form outside UK,canI apply,or I need a A level ect?
  3. Change of Career

    Thank you everyone for your answers. At the moment Im still undecided what to do.As far as a read on the forum,is hard to get where you want ,depends of your inspector.Probably if I didn't read what's goin on in real life,my opinion was different,but seeing so many negatives rather than positive,gives me a reason to think twice.I though that people will be keen to work for Police,but instead they are trying to run away.But this is my experience so far.Hope I'm wrong One thing is sure,If a position of DC will come along,I will go for it,in this way I font need to worry that I didn't had my chance Thank you all
  4. Change of Career

    In my areas,Suffolk they have the direct entry scheme for DC,unfortunately,I missed the entry.I tried to contact them by email but no answer.Im not sure when will happen again
  5. Change of Career

    If you fail twice, are you allowed to take the course again?
  6. Change of Career

    Thank you for your honest response hiramabif.So in your experience, you dont recommend joining the PC? Seems like from the comments I read, there are more negatives ways then positive if you join the PC. I'm just trying to think, what makes people so keen to join the force?
  7. Change of Career

    In your experiences as a PC,what can you call the positive and negative ways regarding the job. And did you had the chance to advance in your role? As I mentioned, I'm applying as I'm looking to become a CID or DC.Is anybody in this role and how do you find it?any informations will be much appreciated . Cheers
  8. Change of Career

    Thank you for your replay.I dont have any problem regarding my loans or mortgage, and I never missed a payment so I should be fine. Thank you
  9. Change of Career

    Thank you skydiver.My lons are manageable, but are there.As far as I read on the site,people are declined without reasons.Is anywhere where I can find out for sure about my finances before applying? or who to call? Cheers
  10. Change of Career

    By the way. Regarding Vetting,is there any problems if you have a credit card but is not paid off in total,or overdrafts, or if you have loans or mortgage? Cheers
  11. Change of Career

    Thank you for your response. I will apply in September once the lines are open. Do you have anu recommendations regardint the aplication,tests,fitnes exam? do you know any study books that worth buying ? One more thing,they mention that you need to have a diploma, or Nvq level 3,now as a Staff Nurse I already have the requirements or is anything I need to wory about? Cheers
  12. Change of Career

    Hi Techie1 Thank you for your response.Im from Suffolk , Kessingland. Im applying as I'm keen to become a CID or Detective and I noticed that they recruit from September.Now I haven't spoken with them regarding the roles available in this area, but like I mentioned, I'm afraid leaving a secure job for something I don't know what to expect for my future Can I ask? How long will this process take?the recruitment stages and vetting, medical etc, and are you paid straight after?I'm asking as I have a family and mortgage to pay And what about the preparation for the test centre,I've noticed there are a lot of books to learn from,do you know any in particular? On the Suffolk site I noticed ,,Suffolk have signed up to the College of Policing program to accept applications for Direct Entry into the police at inspector level. As 'I'm new in this field,is this something worth applying? or better go for the normal route? If the Recruitment lines are opening again in September, how long do I have if accepted to get ready for the tests?Sorry but I have so many questions to clarify before I will make the step.As we'll I noticed that, you can apply as well as part time Cheers
  13. Change of Career

    Hi. Im thinking to change my career from Staff Nurse to PC. Why? I always dreamed to be one.The only problem is that I'm not sure about the future as a PC. For this reason,I have 3 questions if you can be kind to help. If accepted and passed,is there a permanent job offer??or do you need to look for jobs? If you get the job,is that in your area where you live? Is this a guaranteed job? I dont want the fear of being send home due to staff cutts