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  1. Fiearms Certificate

    Thanks for the reply Zulu22. Last time I did indeed declare my driving convictions...but with the caveat that the timings were approximate. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to cut much swathe now...SW Police want to know exact dates [or so I've been told]. cheers John
  2. Fiearms Certificate

    Hello there, I hope non-police are welcome here...if not I'll quietly leave:-) Anyway I have a query & I was wondering if someone could help me with it? I currently hold a FAC...& its up for renewal in a few months time. My force [South Wales Police] is taking a hard line on any non-disclosed convictions...which as you probably know includes old driving convictions. I ordered a PNC check [which came back clean] but it did not mention any old driving convictions. I know I had a speeding ticket sometime in the 80s & possibly a driving without care & attention around the same time. I cannot for the life of me remember whether I had a verbal warning or it went to court. To be honest I don't want to put down the wrong info on my renewal form [not with this hard line they are taking] how can I find out about any old endorsements etc I may have had? I've been on the DVLA site & all it shows is I currently have 0 Penalty Points! Thanks in advance John