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  1. That's fine. I wasn't looking for legal advise, but wanted a view from someone with in depth knowledge about the highway code. No one has replied so feel free to remove it if you wish.


  2. Regarding the controlled zig zag zone on the approach to a crossing: 1,Highway code rule 191 and 165 state you must not over take the moving vehicle nearest the crossing or the nearest one which has stopped to let pedestrians cross. This suggests not overtaking the lead moving vehicle or a lead stationery vehicle letting pedestrians cross. My first question is, if on say a dual carriageway and slower moving vehicle(s) on the nearside lane and the lights are green are you none compliant if traveling in faster moving traffic on the outside lane and overtake a slower vehicle in the controlled zone on the approach? 2. 1997 No. 2400 ROAD TRAFFIC The Zebra, Pelican and Puffin Pedestrian Crossings Regulations and General Directions 1997 (now incorporated in 2016 TSRGD) Sec24 24.—(1) Whilst any motor vehicle (in this regulation called “the approaching vehicle”) or any part of it is within the limits of a controlled area and is proceeding towards the crossing, the driver of the vehicle shall not cause it or any part of it— 1. (a) to pass ahead of the foremost part of any other motor vehicle proceeding in the same direction; or 2. (b) to pass ahead of the foremost part of a vehicle which is stationary for the purpose of complying with regulation 23, 25 or 26. 24 1a seems to refer to any not just the lead vehicle in the controlled zone as in the highway code. It also implies you can't overtake a moving vehicle on the approach but could overtake the stationery vehicle at the lights if the lights were green or amber with no one on the crossing (anyone on the crossing irrespective of light status in practice). 3. Consider the situation where traffic has backed up through a crossing and the lights are green. Can you filter forwards or as above in Sec 24.1 the implication is not. Can a traffic police officer/ solicitor give their views on this please.
  3. Slight correction to my original posting: Point 3. Where traffic has backed up and encroaching on the crossing. Filtering should be possible as so long as the lights (if present) are green or flashing amber with no pedestrian crossing as here the traffic is halted due to backing up and not because of compliance with the crossing...at that moment in time. PS. I don't mind responses from anyone but would like to hear from experts too.