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  1. Judges win pension case

    Muay Can I ask you please, how you went about getting the deferred pension, as I too have been deemed permanently disabled by the SMP but retained by the Chief, so I asked the pensions department for a forecast for the deferred pension on the grounds of permanent disability but they said that I have to resign first then apply for the deferred pension. This involves being referred back to the SMP which firstly has to be agreed by the Chief and then when you get the certificate (which is a different one to the permanency one I already have ?) The Chief then has to agree for you to receive the deferred pension !! ( Federation are looking into this ) So I could resign and then the Chief could refuse to refer me back to the SMP or he could refer me, as he did for the ill health retirement process and then retained me, and then refuse me for the deferred pension !! As I am 48 I would be out of work and unable to draw the pension until I was 50, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me if that's The process you had to go through ? If you can pm me the answer that will be good as i am unable to send you a pm but I have received pms from another person and have then been able to reply to them through it Thank you
  2. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    Got it - thanks very much sound advice again cheers
  3. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    I just wanted to say - Thank you so much to retireandhappy for some really useful advice - what a knowledgeable friendly and helpful guy. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of advice re pensions to speak to him as he has helped me immensely- far more than my own Force and Federation. Thanks again I appreciate your help.
  4. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    Hi can I please contact " retired and happy " by personal messages, if possible, as I am suffering a similar problem, however, the difference being that I have been deemed permanently disabled by the SMP but have been retained by the Chief and there is no recourse to this and I am really struggling to cope so would like some advice please
  5. Judges win pension case

    Hi I am suffering the same kind of treatment as you have with my force HR now, so any advice you have will be great. I have oestoartritis in my neck and knees and fibromyalgia which is debilitating, the SMP deemed me permanently disabled with both conditions however the force have made the decision to retain me. I can not carry on to be honest so can you point me in the right direction as to the regulations about resigning and getting an immediate pension please and what the solicitors views are on your claim etc ? Thanks in advance