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  1. The point is whether the new rules apply to your wife, and in this case. There are a number of options available here, short of resignation, that would see your wife's welfare, career, pension and pay looked after, either to the point where she obtains 25 years service and draws a pension at 50, or obtains 30 years service and accesses a full pension It is really frustrating that the relevant internal support mechanisms have not kicked in because this is an easily resolvable situation.
  2. Despite initial contact, this poster appears to have dropped off the radar. I stand ready to assist.....
  3. Just a quick note to thank the mod for PMing this poster for me - nice to see helpful, useful, commonsense moderation under the new management Under a different username I was one of many who left under the old regime due to tyrannical and often non-sensical modding I've returned to test the waters and it seems sanity has been restored. I shall be hanging around and will be encouraging others to return
  4. The treatment of folk in your wife's situation makes my blood boil. I've tried to send a private message via the site with a very quick and simple solution to this issue, but the site won't let me, presumably because I am a new member. If you can get hold of me, I can help resolve this issue for you Perhaps you could email me at - mod note - I've sent it to the OP in a pm.