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  1. Thanks for your reply! I'm worried that a similar thing will happen during screening - that they will look at my health declaration and think no way! In my current role in the NHS a similar situation nearly occurred until I was allowed an opportunity to explain the circumstances of my illness and that I was one of the lucky ones who has actually made a full recovery from an eating disorder. I hope the met do a similar thing. Fingers crossed!
  2. Hi all, I have my day 1 assessment coming up but I am concerned as to whether I would be able to make it through the health assessment if I pass the day 1 or if I should terminate my application and re-apply at a later date. I had anorexia for 4 years as a teenager and also panic disorder for about 6-8months. I have been out of MH services, maintained a healthy weight and not had a panic attack since 2012. However I stayed on my antidepressant (used for my anxiety disorder) until October of last year. The withdrawal was difficult due to physical side effects however I haven't experienced any deterioration in my mental health, if anything I feel better since coming off of them. I have worked in and still currently work in a pretty high stress job (acute mental health support worker) and have completed a degree since being unwell. Would these factors be taken into consideration? I don't feel as though I struggle with my previous issues anymore, they were very much connected to a difficult time being a teenager! Just wanted some advice on what to expect to come up against in my health assessment and whether or not the outcome is bleak as I feel it may be after reading similar forum posts from other applicants. Thanks!