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  1. Hi everyone. As in my previous posts, I watch a lot of cop shows and my conclusion is that the police only carry out the law when it suits them!. For example on a show I watched the offender was issued with a fixed penalty ticket by a police officer because he urinated against a shop window, yet on another show the offender did it against a bin in a public place and was allowed on his way - both off which were witnessed by a police officer and captured on film, yet both treated differently. Can anyone explain this?
  2. Walk The Beat

    Do police officers still walk the beat? I have only seen the occasional PCSO.
  3. Damage Caused By 'Big Red Key'

    Thanks everyone, but, the replies seem to differ! Confusing!
  4. Damage Caused By 'Big Red Key'

    Is that still he case even if the 'offender' is found to have not committed any criminal offence?
  5. Hi everyone, I have recently been watching the police program 'Police Interceptors' and I just wondered who paid for the damage caused to an address when the Police have used the 'Big Red Key' or any other method of gaining entry, such as smashing windows or doors. Thanks in advance peeps x