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  1. Hello, If an adult over the age of 18 cuts of all contact with their relatives and is reported by them as missing and the police locate you, what are the police legally obligated to tell your relatives when they find you are safe and well? Are they legally required to tell them you're in the UK? I'd prefer my family not even know I am in the UK anymore but I don't think they police would be allowed to tell them a lie, so what are they legally required to tell my relatives once they've located me and I'm safe and well? Thanks.
  2. Missing person mandatory information

    Thanks for the replies. If I tell the police to say "we've located the person you reported and they are safe and well but that's all we're allowed to disclose" would the police be ok with this?
  3. Missing person mandatory information

    I accept that the information provided here is not professional legal advice. Please provide a general answer if possible. Thanks.