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  1. PIRT for PCSOs

    Hello everyone and thank you for accepting my request to join this forum! I have a couple of questions about the PIRT test: I understand it is a national test, but is it the same for Police Officers and for PCSOs? And also, do you have any suggestions of materials I could use to prepare myself for this test? Is it worth buying any books and if it is, which ones? I was notified last week that my application for a PCSO with Bedfordshire Police had been shortlisted and I was given 2 dates to choose from for my assessment day: 22nd and 24th of March. I feel like there is so little time to prepare. After I chose a date and time for my assessment, they sent me a confirmation email and said that more information will follow shortly, but it's already 8 days now and haven't heard anything else from them. From your experience, what more information should they give me prior to the assessment day? How difficult would you say the PIRT is? What should I focus on? Anyone else here having their assessment day with Bedfordshire Police next week? Thanks!