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  1. SEARCH assessment centre

    Thank you, I'll look into some of these. Can't do any harm right?
  2. Good afternoon everyone! Some may recognise my username from a topic I posted a few months ago regarding my worry about only being 5’9. I soon realised when attending the recruitment events that I had nothing to worry about! Anyway, I manned up ‘so to speak’ and applied for my local force. I’ve done quite well to get past the online assessments and the pre selection stages of recruitment already. The next big challenge is the SEARCH assessment in January. Is there anyone who has recently completed this stage that can possibly provide me with some tips? Cheers in advance!
  3. SEARCH assessment centre

    I didn't know these courses existed? What do they consist of? I have all the information from the force about the day regarding possible scenarios and examiniations etc, so I will thoroughly look at that. However, I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do?
  4. Height

    Good evening, I have recently registered my interest to join my local force and I’m to attend an engagement event on the 19th of October, I’m incredibly excited as being a police officer was my childhood dream. I believe I carry all the necessary skills and qualities of a police officer. My current job requires decision making, effective communication and empathy etc. My only real concern is my height, I’m 175cm or 5’9. I know the restriction used to be 5’8 until the 90s, but still I’m anxious at how well I’ll be able to do the job. I’ve recently began focusing on fitness to improve my upper body strength and stamina. I currently weigh 154 pounds, so I’m well aware I’m not the biggest. Is this going to put me at a disadvantage? Maybe im being too self-critical, but I would just like to hear what officers think and from officers of a similar build, and how they cope with the job.
  5. Height

    Here’s hoping eh? Thank you for this!
  6. Height

    Thank you for this! I’m 5’9 so only an inch over what was the minimum not too long ago. Even if I was shorter, I’d definitely still apply as it’s my dream job! I must admit, I’m anxious but excited.
  7. Height

    Thank you guys, it wouldn’t stop me applying regardless! Just needed to hear what people thought. My main worry was public confidence and my ability to do the job, thank you!
  8. Is height an issue?

    As someone who is hoping to apply for the police later this year, is height a major issue? I stand at 175cm tall, which is approx 5'9, maybe slightly less. I am aware that there is no height requirement anymore for the police, but I do worry about it anyway. What are the general views on this? Are there any officers out there of a similar height who can give me an insight?