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  1. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    Is "gonna", only if he has never been prosecuted for what he has done. Let's say, he is stealing a car and keep doing it because he has never been to court. Perhaps, if he already had been to courts and understand the consequence of his acts.
  2. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    One centralised database is an important point. I believe that the future need be base on a prevention unit crime. By experience, someone that is stealing car for example, is gonna do it again if the laws in place are not convincing him to stop. Some people do it without fear because they know they may not be prosecuted. You can be better than him and prevent crime by knowing his next action. Putting in the head of the person that is gonna commit crime that we know what he's gonna do may be more influenceable than telling him that maybe he'll face prosecutions.
  3. The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    Database of crime should be centralised between station. That would make the police more efficient. Maybe some police officer should be expert on the field and some only working in the office solving cases.