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  1. Initial working hours

    Definitely worth checking locally. I have a new recruit in the family who did five weeks Monday to Friday 9-5 then had two weeks working with a tutor with a shift, then back to days. Everywhere is different.
  2. Debt and passing the vetting

    From my memory so long as you're not bankrupt you should be OK as everything is resolved. You have nothing that could compromise you or motivate you to commit crime to clear debts.
  3. 5 Word Story (2)

    Blunder which will allow criminals
  4. Longest dead snake found

    Blimmin eck!
  5. Learner Drivers

    Maybe any test should literally consist of a day's course with a safety assessment at the end. A newly qualified driver should still be in the learning groove so to speak. In my experience it's drivers who have been driving a while who cause the problems on the motorways especially older middle lane hoggers.
  6. Facebook & other social media

    I don't have Facebook, Twitter or anything of the like. I have a son still serving (I'm long retired on med grounds) and he tells me so many of his colleagues have got themselves in the crap by either posting stupid things that have been picked up by supervisors or even being linked to people they shouldn't. I have email and a phone. It works.
  7. Ill health advice

    I was retired with CFS in 2007 a similar condition but they reckon you can recover from it. I didn't. I wonder if your force think they are the same? Have you got a rheumatologist who could write a report re permenance?