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  1. That's fine. I wasn't looking for legal advise, but wanted a view from someone with in depth knowledge about the highway code. No one has replied so feel free to remove it if you wish.


  2. We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  3. Where have they gone

    Welcome back @Westie
  4. New Partnership with Police Mutual

    PoliceUK is pleased to announce a new partnership with Police Mutual Police Mutual offer financial services exclusively for serving or retired Police Officers, Staff and your families, this includes packages available to Special Constables. For 150 years, they have been helping serving and retired Officers, Staff and their families with their finances. With no shareholders, they are run for the benefit of their members and the Police Service, which means they can focus on delivering the things that are most important to you. We here at PoliceUK and all of our sister sites are very happy to recommend their services to all members of the policing family. For more information and guidance please see their website here:
  5. Where have they gone

    Times change and people change, we understand that and we want to ensure this continues as a great forum with great members. We aren't into change for changes sake only what is best for the forum and it's members as a whole. If anyone has any suggestions as to what they want from the forum or changes they think may benefit or want to see then please we want to hear them. We are more than happy to try new things, if they don't work we can always change it back but if we don't try then we'll never know. You are all what actually makes a forum so you tell us what you want and we'll do our best to make it happen.
  6. Welcome to the Upgraded PoliceUK Forum

    *UPDATE* Please see this statement from our Strategic Partner Martin Jerrold, Managing Director of Red Snapper Media
  7. Facebook & other social media

    @M&MBM The T&C's are in the forum rules and polices section and can be viewed here We shall endeavour to make that link more obvious.
  8. Welcome to the Upgraded PoliceUK Forum

    @Ygnharad The two founders of Police.Community created a new company along with myself and we called it RAW Digital Media. This was to enable us to acquire the three forums, and Basically it's the same two original people with the addition of a third person, me. We all are or have been serving officers in UK police forces all in different capacities and of different ranks. Between us we have decades of experience in IT and of running online forums.
  9. Welcome to the Upgraded PoliceUK Forum

    Thank you for your feedback @hiramabif Sorry you aren't keen on rules on a forum but if you let us know which of your numerous accounts you've started you wish to keep we'll gladly merge them into just one and say no more about it on this occasion. It's slightly surprising you say this was change for changes sake and complain about the lack of the ability to access or view the site for a short time. The site has been experiencing problems for some years now and the reliability of the site was very poor with a lot of downtime. For the short period whilst we upgraded it it wasn't available, however, we are now confident that these issues won't repeat themselves on a weekly basis. Another reason it isn't change for changes sake is that the creators of the software being used have now ceased supporting it for releases and only give out security patches, something that wasn't working properly on this site. As of April 2017 the software creators will stop all support of the site software previously being used. If we hadn't taken it down and upgraded it we would have been unable to transport it all over come April and at that point the site would be starting all over again likely with no content. We would also have been using a 10 year old website, desperately outdated and unstable. The rules are probably not going to affect you much if you were already a participating member of the site as you likely already adhered to them, except maybe the part about having more than one account. You complain that forums are on the decline, we are trying to reverse that on this site. We are working toward increasing the usage and participation as well as the membership of the site so it makes sense to tell people what the rules are before they sign up and fall foul of them. The real PoliceOracle and PoliceUK membership is still here and we have been in direct contact with all of the old mod team. We would like you stay and to participate on the forum and help to build it back into a great resource and place to be, If you really are uncomfortable with progress and really do dislike the site as is then you are of course welcome to stop participating. More than happy to discuss this further as necessary so please feel free to continue the dialogue, although it may now take a few days for any replies due to other commitments for the next few days.