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  1. BMI problem?

  2. BMI problem?

  3. BMI problem?

    I'm really worried because I don't see where Im going wrong.. Like my diet isnt the best but Im certainly Fit and not fat.. Like do they want me being a skinny Police officer or a Muscular one who can manager the job? Will they take into account my build and height... PS I play Prop and Hooker in London Irish Rugby.
  4. BMI problem?

    Hello, Im currently in the process of joining the PCSO's and have my interview on the 15th, today I thought I should test my BMI in my local Boots on one of their machines, Shocked too find out I scored 29!... I thought to my self this doesnt seem right as that classes me as Obese, I am 5,4 and weight 78Kg, I am 100 percent sure I am not fat but also not slim, I go to the gym every day and some would say I am quite muscular and beefy, After doing a little research the max BMI for the police is 29... I don't understand? Do I need to lose weight? Please take into consideration my height. Thanks.
  5. Stuck on the fence..

    Thank you for your reply. Im siding with PCSO at the moment as I would prefer full time employment with the police, I was wondering could being a PCSO lead to a Constable career?
  6. Stuck on the fence..

    So I have been wanting to join the police for quite awhile and about 2 months ago did.. I applied for PCSO first waiting around 8 weeks.. No answer so I decided to apply to go to a Special Constable requirement event which is in a few days, Today I open my email and have an interview for becoming a PCSO.. I accepted this and booked an interview slot but Im also attending a specials event. Two questions, Can i still attend this Specials event which is before my interview and secondly Im looking to one day become a Constable (Real Police officer) which one of the two jobs would be best for this? Regards, Julius.
  7. Hello!

    Im just a normal 18 year old looking for more information about the police!
  8. Welcome to Police UK Forum Juliusdd :)