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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I have posted the following on ukpoliceonline, however i have been granted permisson from Dragonfly to post here as well, just thought it was an interesting subject, and this site seems more news based. Link; http://courtnewsuk.c...ams-the-guvnor/ Just spotted this article earlier and it is really interesting, I always love the gangster story and their perceived approach about being untouchable, I bet most people find it kind of romantic, that's why films like The Godfather are so popular. As per this story it takes the authorities many years to finally bring the so called untouchables down, which is a scary thought, my Uncle once said to me the real gangsters never get caught, which is again scary lol, not sure how much truth their is In that though. So guys and girls, what gangster movies/books have you enjoyed the most?
  2. Welcome to Police UK Forum Blossom 2 :)