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  1. Others resentment wouldn't factor into my decision making whatsoever. I would never let other peoples thoughts effect any decisions I make. And to be honest, nobody cares these days about what hours other people do. All i'm interested in would be preserving my 1987 pension entitlement. Im planning on taking the early 25 year retirement in 5 yrs time, at age 50, and I expect I will receive.. 1987 Pension - £30k lump sum & £12k anual pension Then when i'm 55 i'd get... 2015 CARE Pension - £5k lump sum & £2k anual pension Not big figures, but I want to get out as soon as I can and look at doing other things with my life. If going part time is only going to reduce my 2015 CARE pension then i'm going to apply for it, as its minuscule amount anyway. But I need to ensure that my 1987 pension entitlement will remain unaffected.
  2. Thats interesting. We have squads but as response cops we carry about 10 crimes at any one time and deal with day to day prisoners ourselves. But the squads do take a lot of work off our load, without which we couldn't function. But your system seems even better. Lets hope my force adopts it soon.
  3. Well if that gets rid of some of the grumpy obstructive custody sgts we have to face then I'll be happy with that.
  4. Your reply doesnt make sense. You seem to comparing current policing with how it used to be. Its changed almost beyond recognition over just the last 5 - 10 years. When I joined back in the 90's we arrested everyone for anything, and police bailed everyone, thats the way it was. And you were measured on how many arrests you made. But nowadays the law doesnt allow us to arrest like we used to, and the custody Sgts wouldnt let us through the door with the types of arrest we used to make. We are left with voluntary interviews using our phones, or PACE9 interviews at the station, followed by reporting them on summons. We can't even police bail from custody anymore unless strict criteria is met, we have to ROS them if we need to await further evidence. Those who have 'swallowed the pill' and still try to do it the way we used to are thankfully few and far between, and are the ones that get the good cops into trouble. You have to let go of how it used to be and start accepting that things are very very different now. Im not saying things are better, just very different. As for the squads, they are the beat bobbies best friends. Being able to hand over your incident to another squad is a godsend, letting you get back on with what you are supposed to be doing. There are just less cops now than there used to be, they haven't all gone to squads, they just simply arent there. God save the squads, and all who sail in them.
  5. Its not about arrests these days. If I arrested at every opportunity id have my SGT on the radio asking why. Theres usually only 6 of us covering a very large city centre. 90% of crimes I attend the suspect is dealt with there and then at the scene by MG15 interview on our Nokia phones or Panasonic laptops, and reported on summons. Everything is done at the scene using our phones, including statements, criming, RTC reports, traffic tickets, pocket book entries etc. There are far too many incidents to attend, meaning that to arrest them you are out of the game for the day putting more workload on your colleagues. Of course arresting them is much easier, gives you a break from being on patrol and allows you a cup of tea whist waiting for the solicitor. But most of us dont take that option unless theres no choice. But perhaps those that do ought to be hanging their head in shame? They know who they are!! More and more beat cops are going part time, the number of cops where I work that have applied for voluntary redundancy is staggering. Theres been massive changes in recent years where the job has changed beyond belief. Part time seems to be actively encouraged by the organisation and theres certainly no shame amongst colleagues, more likely to encourage jealousy.
  6. Lots of part time workers on duty groups where I work, its become the norm, nobody batts an eyelid. They don't get cushy back office jobs (there aren't any these days) they work front line on a duty group, pushing panda cars around the beat. Those that try to get all the arrests, whilst picking up all the complaints are laughed at where I work, but then I've always laughed at them for doing that anyway. At some point in their career they suddenly realise nobody cares about their arrest figures, certainly not the organisation. Part time is the future
  7. I couldn't care less what colleagues think, and I honestly don't think they have any cares either. I just fancy more time to myself but wouldn't want it to effect what my 1987 pension is set to pay out. My CARE pension will only be giving me £200/month anyway, so hardly a noticeable amount even if it gets reduced by half.
  8. Thanks, so my 1987 pension is safe and would still pay out the same regardless, and only my recent CARE pension would be reduced for going part time?
  9. Ok, but I wonder how the judges challenge differed from the Fire Service challenge?
  10. Your example almost matches my circumstances. I joined in 1998 under the 1987 scheme, I was then placed onto the 2015 CARE scheme. So I have just over 17 yrs built up in the old scheme. I asked my Pension dept for a pension estimate for me retiring after 25yrs service at age 50, and they replied with the following.. Gross Pension £13,225.61 Less commuted £1,320.79 Total Anual Pension £11,904.82 Lump Sum Commutation £29,757.62 Then at State Pension Age I get my CARE pension of £5,143 but I can instead choose to access this when Im 55 and get a reduced amount. Although not calculated on my statement I estimate this to be around £3,000. Again, I can commute some of this and take a lump sum of about £5,000 and a reduced pension of about £2,000 Unless my circumstances change, I shall retire at 25yrs service (in just over 5 yrs time) and move my life in a different direction.
  11. So did the FBU challenge the introduction of their new pension, or did they challenge any tapering protection? If just the former, then that differs to any police challenge which would just be challenging any possible unfairness of tapering protection?
  12. Could anyone please offer their opinion on how going part time might affect my pension? I joined in 1998 and I was on the 1987 scheme until moving to the 2015 CARE scheme along with everyone else. In about 5 yrs time I can retire early at age 50 and take the 25yrs service pension, as long as I stay in the current new scheme. But if I decided to go part time for my last few years would this have any effect on my 1987 pension that is supposed to be locked away safe? Or would it just affect my 2015 CARE pension? Thanks.
  13. Your probably safe. From what I understand in could take 3 or more years for any changes to happen, should the police challenge be successful. By then you will almost have your 30 yrs service. If your protection was to be removed with only 1 or 2 years of service left, then it will have a very small impact on you.
  14. Divide and conquer seems to be the order of the day. There are so many different groups of officers each effected differently that its difficult for any officer to gain support from colleagues. A clever tactic I must say.
  15. Vs has just been announced in S.Yorks, with one months pay offered for every year of service (for those within 21 years of service). Only a 2 week window to apply for it. I think those with 1987 pension policies will see this pension deferred until they are 60 yrs old. Not sure about the 2015 CARE pension side of things. Im sure I read ages ago that any VS payment received might be deducted from any future pension lump sum, or am I mistaken?