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  1. Its certainly not a vocation any more. Theres no sense of belonging to a group or family, or of being part of an organisation that wants you. As for the government, theres a real feeling of them hating us. Its very sad, the job has been ground down to its basic parts, by that I mean I now go to work and look forward to going home. It didn't used to be that way but its now just a job like any other, with no feeling of being proud or wanting to go the extra mile. Theres an occasional taste now and again of how it used to be, but those times are few and far between. Ive gone from being in a job I loved, to wanting to leave at the earliest pension point. VR doesn't work for me just yet, and I'm too close to the early 25yr pension for it to be worthwhile.
  2. ALWAYS submit injury on duty forms prior to finishing duty. Hardly anyone does, but in my opinion they are the most important forms that you will ever submit.
  3. The first round of VS applicants have now left my force. Rumours are that the second round will be following soon. Im hoping they don't get enough applicants and they then enhance round 3. Certain officers had their applications rejected due to being in a department where the force doesn't want to loose staff, such as CID, TSG, Firearms etc. Seems the best place to be if you want VS is on the beat. Any cop still under a disciplinary was also rejected, though some appealed and won.
  4. I understand why some cops come out of the pension, but the amount you see disappearing from your wage into your pension isn't the amount you would get if you stopped paying in.
  5. I know of quite a few officers who have recently opted out of the pension scheme. I also know of a few new officers who never signed up to it in the first place. Personal circumstances dictate, though I'd always advise to be in the pension.
  6. cheese_puff, does it need to be 25 yrs actual service or 25 yrs pensionable service? If I had 1 yrs pensionable service brought in from a previous employment could I leave after 24 yrs?
  7. Take cheese's advice over mine, as the little I know has been learnt from him. I assumed you had to stay until you were age 50 to get the 25yr service pension, so I stand corrected. I didn't realise you could leave before age 50, nor did I realise that any 25 yr pension would then kick in when you did get to 50. I incorrectly assumed you had to have done 25 yrs service and be at least age 50 before you retired, to claim it. Part time is better than it sounds. If you reduced your hours by half, your pay doesnt drop by half, you end up with more than half pay. This is because the first £11,000 (I think) of income is tax free. So you will get just over half pay for doing half the hours. Someone I know had reduced their hours by half, and their take home pay dropped from just under £2,000 /month to about £1,300/month. Worth considering. But seek advice from Federation and pension dept to clarify this, and how it might effect your pension. As for Voluntary Redundancy, my force has just introduced it for PC's only at one months pay for every year of service, but your pension is deferred until age 60. They have just done Phase 1 where they wanted 100 to take voluntary redundancy. They received 150 applicants. Some were rejected as they were under disciplinary procedures. Some were rejected as they had specialist skills (another reason to not rush to be qualified in every course going!!). Our TSG/Traffic/Firearms cops were rejected. Next year they will be doing Phase 2 where again they want another 100 officers to leave, followed by the same again in Phase 3. Theres even a chance that if they dont get enough officers to take it they might offer an enhanced package. What that might be I don't know, maybe 1.5 months pay for every year served? Or pension entitlements maintained and not deferred? Who knows, but its interesting times for anyone wanting to leave. I hate the job and would love to leave, but the VR figures dont work for my circumstances. Im holding out 5 more years for the 25 yr pension, at which pint I will be a just few months over 50 yrs old. That day can't come quick enough and I dream about it every day. Sad isn't it, especially as its all I ever wanted to do since the age of 4, and the sheer joy I experienced when being accepted. And i'm not the only one, moral is at rock bottom with almost every cop I work with, even the new starters. Many have quit after just a few months, saying its crap. Just keep your head down, keep out of bother, and become Mr Grey, and your time will come.
  8. As my post above, when Dazzzler has got 25 yrs pensionable service in he will only be 45 yrs old and wont yet be entitled to the early pension. Cops need to have 25 years pensionable service and be age 50 to get the 25 yr pension. By the time Dazzzler is age 50 he will have achieved 30 yrs service and can retire with his 1987 pension, and then get his CARE pension when he's age 55. At least thats my understanding, and i'd be happy to be wrong.
  9. The short answer is that if you resign now, I think your pension will be delayed until state pension age. Who knows what that will be by the time that day comes???. Heres how I understand it, and our situations are very similar in that I also joined in 1998 (so I have 19 yrs service but with 20 yrs pensionable service) and I am also desperate to get out ASAP. But unlike you I dont have the advantage of your 4 additional years pensionable service, boosting your service level to 23yrs and also putting you into the tiered position. For that you should be grateful . But as far as retiring early goes, your youthful age is working against you . The earliest you can receive any of your 1987 pension is by getting 25yrs pensionable service (so thats 2 years away), but heres the bad news, to get the 1987 scheme 25yr pension you also need to be aged 50, so you will actually have to work another 7 yrs (sorry). You need to have both 25yrs pensionable service and be aged 50. By the time you have worked to age 50 you will also have achieved your full 30 yrs service (under the 1987 pension) so can retire on a bigger pension. Then, 5 yrs later, and having enjoyed 5 yrs of retirement you can start to receive your 2015 CARE pension that you will soon be paying into. Or you can choose to defer the CARE pension until you are 60 and receive more. The earliest the CARE pension will pay out is at age 55. Under the 1987 scheme cops could retire before age 50 if they had achieved their 30 years full service. But even they wouldn't have been able to take the 25yr pension unless they were aged 50. To get your 1987 pension at the earliest opportunity you must remain in service and remain in the 2015 CARE pension. So, either resign now and wait until state pension age (if i correct?) before getting your pension, or work another 7yrs and then get a pension for the rest of your life. Heres something else you could consider, which I am actually considering myself at the moment.... How about going part time? Sounds unthinkable doesnt it. But it could actually make sense. Your 1987 pension entitlement is safe (assuming yo remain in it until you move over to the CARE pension) and you will soon only be working for the new 2015 CARE pension which obviously isn't worth as much as the old pension. You could go part time as soon as you move over to the 2015 CARE scheme in 2019, and for the following 5 yrs until you are 50 you can pick up some alternative part time employment. Then retire age 50 and get all of your 1987 pension entitlements. You will also have established yourself in alternative employment which you may decide to continue with, thus boosting your 1987 pension payout. Then when your age 55 you start getting whatever your CARE pension pays you as well. Just a thought! As for how long will your pension be delayed if you resign now? Im not entirely sure, but I reckon you wont get it until SPA (state pension age). As far as retiring early goes, you have an advantage over me due to your additional 4yrs pensionable military service, and being in the tiered system. But I have an advantage in being 2yrs older than you, meaning I will be age 50 in 5yrs time, and this will coincide with me achieving 25yrs pensionable service. (P.S. - I'm age 45, and have 19yrs service but with 20 yrs pensionable service. Im now on the CARE pension scheme and I plan to retire with the 25yr pension in 5 yrs time. Doing this means my CARE pension wont pay out very much. I will get about £29k lump sum & £1000/month from my 1987 pension, and when im 55 the CARE pension will kick in and pay me about £200/month. As im now only really working for my CARE pension Im seriously considering going part time, reducing my hours by half, and picking up some stress free part time work. Putting any drop in wages to one side, this will only impact on my CARE pension and may reduce it by 50%, but even so I'll only be loosing £100/month. Im prepared to loose that if it means being away from this crap job).
  10. Thanks, but I doubt my health problems would qualify me for any ill health pension, thankfully Im not 'that' ill, but I appreciate your suggestion.
  11. Thanks cheese_puff, that would seem to clarify the matter for me. I like having the option to do my last few years part time, and still be able to leave after 25 yrs albeit with a reduced pension. A few years ago I would never have considered this, but recent events in my life, together with my health now make this quite an appealing proposition.
  12. Yes, i'm aware of that, thanks :-). Ive received my pension forecast for leaving at 25 yr service, and I've calculated the reductions on my CARE pension backwards from state pension age, which bring it down from just over £5k to about £2k per year. Seeing as £2k is only a tiny pension to start with, any further reductions to it aren't going to be massive so I was wondering if reducing my hours by say 50% would reduce my CARE pension by the same amount, which would mean I only lose £1k. If so I'd be prepared to reduce my hours, but not if that meant my 25 yr pensionable age got put back a few years. My priority is to be able to leave after 25yrs, and I wouldn't want to do anything that meant having to delay that date.
  13. Thats interesting, thanks. Sounds like it would put back my retirement age by a few years, which I don't want to do.
  14. That is exactly the kind of detail I need confirming. By the age of 50 I will have 25 yrs service. 17 of those years will be in the 1987 scheme with the remainder in the CARE scheme. Im of the belief that my 1987 pension would be unaffected by going part time, and now that I'm in the 2015 pension it would be that pension that would be affected by choosing to go part time? But any clarification would be great.
  15. Others resentment wouldn't factor into my decision making whatsoever. I would never let other peoples thoughts effect any decisions I make. And to be honest, nobody cares these days about what hours other people do. All i'm interested in would be preserving my 1987 pension entitlement. Im planning on taking the early 25 year retirement in 5 yrs time, at age 50, and I expect I will receive.. 1987 Pension - £30k lump sum & £12k anual pension Then when i'm 55 i'd get... 2015 CARE Pension - £5k lump sum & £2k anual pension Not big figures, but I want to get out as soon as I can and look at doing other things with my life. If going part time is only going to reduce my 2015 CARE pension then i'm going to apply for it, as its minuscule amount anyway. But I need to ensure that my 1987 pension entitlement will remain unaffected.