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  1. So sorry to sound like a broken record but I feel that majority of the posts with regards to recruitment and depression are more for those who will be PCSO etc., and not just Police Staff, which is the department which I have applied for. I had my interview this week in Scotland and have only just realised that my history of depression and anxiety might go against me. I am currently on antidepressants and have been for 12 months, however have not seen a psychologist in 11 months, and have not had any hospitalizations or relapses. I am on the antidepressants more for maintenance, and even though the depression was not work-place induced, I am really unsure and concerned that I will be rejected after I complete the Medical Questionnaire. Could this bad period in my life really go against me?
  2. Introductions

    Hi there everyone! I'm hoping to be a Service Advisor (just in the vetting process now!)
  3. Welcome to Police UK Forum turquoise39 :)