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  1. CARE scheme calculation

    Yes mate I believe I will get a statement of some sort but I'm not even a year into my career yet! Maybe I'm worrying a bit too much about it, 32 years to go yet!
  2. CARE scheme calculation

    Hi all, I'm recent recruit and have signed up to the 2015 Care Pension Scheme. Are there any calculators or tools to get an accurate estimate for my retirement? I'm 28 and obviously I know it's a long way off but the information we have received thus far on the scheme is minimal....
  3. After the referendum - what now?

    I know many in the Police dislike Mrs May but I think she is without question the best person for the job. Right person right time I think.
  4. Introducing myself

    HI Linsey, I'm a recent recruit, any questions (obviously within the rules of the forum) don't be afraid to ask.
  5. Intro

    Hi, Hard to introduce yourself without giving personal details! I'm a recent regular recruit in West Mids, only been in for coming upto nine months now but had a bit of experience as a Special beforehand. Hoping to learn more about the law and others experiences!
  6. Welcome to Police UK Forum marvinhagler2014 :)