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  1. Hi everyone Basically i have applied to the special constabulary in merseyside, now what it is, is that over 10 years ago i had a few arrests, basically 1 was for drink drive which i was banned for 18 months with no points on licence and twice was arrested for drunk and disorderly. I have put on the application the arrests so been honest. But what im wondering is, I have read a few places anything within 5 years they say no straight away to on application for the likes of drink drive convictions, then other places 10 years. Has anyone who has got into the police had convictions like the above from 10 years plus ago and got in? Cheers Brian
  2. Hi

    Hi my names Brian from Liverpool. Applied for the special constabulary and on here to get advice etc
  3. Welcome to Police UK Forum ne0beatsm0rp :)