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  1. First of all I do apologise for the following barrage of questions. In the last couple of weeks of my initial training and I'm going over my weakest area and there's a few things I need answering/help with. Firstly, driving without a licence and insurance. I have noticed both of these offences are on the list for TOR's. But I've been told by some people that you report for a summons instead of issuing the TOR and letting someone else decide. Any thoughts on this? Say if someone had a licence but no insurance then I guess a TOR would be appropriate and a seizure of course. But if a driver had neither DL/insurance would a TOR not be appropriate as that's two offences ? Secondly, having no MOT results in the issue of a fixed penalty notice. So let's say an officer issues the notice but it is impracticable for the driver to book an MOT on the spot or to leave their car in a safe place until one is booked (live out the area). Then technically every time they drive that vehicle they are committing a fresh offence so how would you deal with that situation ? Lastly, if a drink-driver departs their car and enters a house what power of entry do we have? Would sect 17cover it only if there has been an accident ? Thanks in advance sorry for being a pain!!
  2. First Post Mortem

    Thank for the reply. Someone else told me to apply some vick's that seems like a good idea. Although initially I'm not going to because I want to experience that smell so I know what to look for in future experiences as I've never seen a corpse before and I've heard there's no other smell like it. In in regards to the visual factor I think that could be something I find difficult I don't think I'll know how I'll deal with that until the day.
  3. Was told yesterday that next Monday I would be watching a PM and getting a talk from the pathologist. Part of our 24 week initial course currently in week 17. Any tips
  4. In my initial training right now soon to be heading out with a tutor. Just wondered how much of a difference does shift allowance make? Going onto a 4 on 4 off shift pattern (12hrs). Also do new recruits move to the next pay scale 12 months from joining or is it once they've completed probabtion? Thanks.
  5. Any particular place that these could be purchased? Will discuss with my force. Thanks for the reply
  6. I've noticed an all black GB flag on a few officers body armour and thought it looked very smart. Is this something that is optional and you have to take upon yourself or is stitched into the material as standard? Cheers!
  7. Boots and equipment

    Visited the Alt-berg factory today, bought the peacekeeper aqua's very comfy. Were £160 but got them for £105 with police discount- not bad at all. Time to break them in.
  8. Boots and equipment

    Thanks for such a great and super fast reply ! Really appreciate the detail. So much kit... might have to clear out my wardrobe! Really excited to start now it's so close, just a nice little holiday to Mexico to endure first :). Again, thanks for the response, but, can you please not ruin the grand slam hopes this coming Saturday tea time ?
  9. Hi, due to start my training in the near future and I have a few questions. Firstly, is there a certain pair of Altbergs that people would recommend? I'm going to visit the Richmond warehouse in North Yorkshire this weekend. Secondly, I've had my uniform fitting, will this be issued on the first week of training? And finally other than uniform what equipment is actually issued, are there other things you would recommend purchasing? Thanks!
  10. Recruitment Process

    I'm not sure on an average. But I know the force I'm joining was actively seeking to appeal to younger people due to having a current ageing workforce with a lot of people retiring or due to retire. I'm 20 and I applied when I was 19 and I did seem to notice a lot of people at the fitness test who were in their twenties.
  11. Recruitment Process

    Passed my final interview and fitness test. Sent off vetting and now just waiting for a medical. Happy days !
  12. Recruitment Process

    Can I ask what actually is the criteria they mark candidates on? How do they score it , do you need to get a certain percentage like the AC to pass ?
  13. Recruitment Process

    Hi, just had my final interview. If I'm successful then I am worried about meeting the un-aided requirement of 6/36. I recently had a test and un-aided I was 6/38 with both eyes. After getting this far and the process taking over 12 months could my eye sight really prevent me from getting the career I really want ? Is there any leaniancy at all? If needed I would be willing to get laser eye surgery . But would the force be willing to put my application on hold whilst I done that it wouldn't need to start all over again ? Thank you for any help.
  14. Recruitment Process

    Hi, I've recently in the past week been for my final interview with a panel of three officers. I felt confident and came out thinking I had answered the questions well. Towards the end, the panel asked me my age and when I told them I was 20 I think they were quite surprised. At this stage will they make any decisions based on my age or is it purely about my performance in relation to their marking criteria? Will my age be a factor even if I got above the pass mark ? In my area, it's quite rare to see young police officers. Thanks for any help !