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  1. Medical Pension - What To Expect ?

    I've heard of 3 folk in the last 6 months or so who have gone on a injury pension. All three were mid ships in service (around 16yr or so) - 2 apparently got topped up 6yr with the 3rd getting no top up at all. I was under the impression some form of top up was the norm - but it would appear not if this is true.
  2. Medical Pension - What To Expect ?

    This tapering confuses the hell out of me and I haven't got a clue how it's going to pan out. Much like you I've been looked after and can't really fault the job - but my days of rolling round with drunks are over as putting a pair of socks on frightens the s**t out of me. Best of luck on your retirement and stay safe.
  3. Medical Pension - What To Expect ?

    I'm aware of that site but it doesn't factor in any enhancement or procedure leading up to it. I know things have changed in the last year or so and wondered if anyone else had recently gone through the new era .
  4. I'm a cop with 22yrs service so I'm apparently in this tapering bracket until 2018. I've had 3 lots of surgery on my back now and lost a number of discs so made the decision to apply for a medical so submitted the forms for a H1. Does anyone have any idea what to expect on the pension front - I've had numerous folk guessing but i just haven't got a clue. Is there an automatic enhancement in pension years or do I go with what I have ? I've read about percentage of disability and upper tiers but none of it makes a great deal of sense - I'm up with the SME next week so wouldn't mind knowing what would eventually be on offer. Cheers
  5. Introduction

    Evening Whisper - where do I click to ask a question - am I in the clear . Regards Pat
  6. Introduction

    Evening all.
  7. Welcome to Police UK Forum Doggy1357 :)