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  1. Avatar..

    Considering the kind of forum we're on................ Yes!
  2. Speedy Muppets 2

  3. Three Word Story (TWS) Mk 2

    and a fluster
  4. Avatar..

    Sorry to be a pain, you'll get used to me..
  5. Avatar..

    I've used the quote function on another police forum but this one baffles me a bit. Is it possible to quote more than one persons post?
  6. Windows Mail

    I'll read up on both of those then, thanks. IE can be a pain but I suppose it's what I'm used to... Time for change!
  7. Windows Mail

    Sorted now, thanks for the advice.. I take it Moziila Thunderbird is an alternative browesr?
  8. Avatar..

    Oh bum, I totally messed that up, haha! I can't get used to this 'quote' thing. RegHopeful2008-08-31 17:33:49
  9. Three Word Story (TWS) Mk 2

    in a minty....
  10. Three Word Story (TWS) Mk 2

    in a minty...
  11. Speedy Muppets 2

    hull Grr, my font size keeps changing RegHopeful2008-08-31 17:26:05
  12. Three Word Story (TWS) Mk 2

    the mint sauce....
  13. Worst Thing To Hear Over A Tannoy System:

    "Greetings, earthlings!"
  14. Avatar..

    My avatar isn't meant to be taken in a 'rude' way Sure, RH is fine with me..
  15. Windows Mail

    Does anyone use windows mail? I can't seem to retrieve my emails, it's stuck on '2 of 56'. The port settings etc haven't changed at all so it can't be anything I've done. Any help muchly appreciated.. Thanks in advance