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  1. PCSO West Mids

    10 posts? I am wanting to get views from others who are undergoing PCSO application or have already undergone this application.
  2. Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    It is Cleveland I have applied for which seem to be a lot more in depth than other forces and they do require the assessment centre.
  3. Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    Glad to hear your application went well and that you are enjoying the job. I suppose at least you now know where you are wanting to go and hopefully you can apply at the next recruitment opening. I have made an application for PCSO just a waiting game to see if I get invited to assessment centre..............
  4. PCSO West Mids

    Did you apply for PCSO?
  5. Finally submitted!

    Hope all went well.
  6. PCSO Recruitment

    Did you apply to become a PCSO?
  7. Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    How did your PCSO application go?
  8. Application

    I have just completed application for PCSO which was an online application so therefore was typed. I think it differs with each force.
  9. PCSO Final Interview Help

    How did your interview go?
  10. Failed police written exams

    That is good that you are taking the positives from it and can see the areas you need to improve in. Good luck
  11. Hi Has anyone made an application for PSCO with Cleveland or Durham? Just a waiting game now to see if invited to assessment centre......
  12. Introduction

    I have just joined the forum after recently applying for a PCSO post
  13. Welcome to Police UK Forum Laura1987 :)