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  1. 5 Word Story (2)

    were paid without further question
  2. 5 Word Story (2)

    worked harder for less reward
  3. 5 Word Story (2)

    and little thought of morale
  4. 5 Word Story (2)

    in questions for Teresa May
  5. 5 Word Story (2)

    as social services not available
  6. 5 Word Story (2)

    of them on Police Community
  7. 5 Word Story (2)

    unwilling to reveal their secrets
  8. 5 Word Story (2)

    out of place being masons
  9. 5 Word Story (2)

    were encouraged to join in
  10. 5 Word Story (2)

    and plenty of Lap Dancers
  11. 5 Word Story (2)

    To a NARPO pool party
  12. 5 Word Story (2)

    will be used to aid
  13. Longest dead snake found

    Made me more than jump !
  14. Mobile 'Phone use.

    Hands Free ?
  15. Euro 2016

    Twice !
  16. It is the little things in life........

    Thanks ITYO for the post......Tears down my cheeks.....Very good
  17. Crime figures.

    I live in a Private Road and a few months ago we suffered a spate of Criminal damage to our vehicles and the local NPT asked us to ensure we reported each and every incident so they could build a picture of what was going on to see if we were being specially targeted or it was neighbourhood wide.
  18. The moans and gripes thread

    Another fine sunny morning here on the south coast, Just had a latte and now going for breakfast !
  19. Obama and his view on the EU

    Well said Dragonfly
  20. The moans and gripes thread

    Down here on the South Coast it started bright and sunny but we have now had Hailstones leading to rain.
  21. Officer seriously injured.

    Good to read about the MOP coming to the Female Officers assistance
  22. PC Dave Phillips - Verdict

    If life is sacred then ALL life is sacred, scrote or not .
  23. Sick?

    Stress/PTSD can and does hit the strong willed as well as those of a lesser disposition. We should all be open to the effect it can have on a wide range of people.
  24. Missing Police Officer

    RIP...The Thin Blue Line just got a little thinner
  25. Bailey Gwynne

    How can a 9 year sentence = Equal a life ?, Absurd to say the least