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  1. The Exam

    I have two questions about the examinations, as i cannot seem to find the font of knowledge aka 'Reg' is at my station. 1) I can take the exam before the end of my probation? I have been told that you can (excl Accelerated/Suptnintendo). 2) If you take and pass the exam and have a serious dose of OCD about it, can you take the examination every year?
  2. Newb

    I have been with the Met since 2005. I joined as a Special Constable and had been until i moved into the regs in March 2015, now a PC on less than half my previous pay, daily people ask why, well not being in debt is a plus and i wanted a career, my previous attempt ended when i was seriously hurt in an accident. Now in the late stages of working life, im planning for my retirement if the damn government stops stuffing up the pensions!
  3. Welcome to Police UK Forum Caerleon :)