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  1. Drop leg holster

    I used the blackhawk serpa dropleg holster in Afghan, very comfy, the leg straps are elasticated and have rubber strips so they grip your leg.
  2. Boots

    I would recommend a pair of Aku Pilgrims, very comfy, don't need breaking in.
  3. NCA

    Hi, New to the forum. I'm looking into joining the National Crime Agency (NCA). I have a few questions, I have googled and found very little information except than what is on their website, which is understandable. My background is military, specifically the Royal Artillery and the Royal Military Police. I am looking into several roles, specifically, the AFO, Intelligence Analyst and Interrogator roles. I'm after info on these roles, that said I am keeping an open mind on others. I'd also like some info on the fitness tests and the trainin, both initial and role specific. Also any tips would be greatly appreciated especially about the selection process. Many Thanks
  4. New member

    Hi, Just joined,living in Leeds Ex RMP, hoping to gain some information on various things prior to joining a police force.
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum Harry2136 :)