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  1. Surrey Police Staff Vetting

    Quick update, mine took the projected 6-8 weeks. All complete, I've now started.
  2. Starting as staff

    That's the answer I was hoping for. I'm a bit old to start as an officer, but am hoping to play a small part in this role.
  3. Starting as staff

    I'm starting as police staff in the next couple of weeks, what are relations like between staff and officers? Sent using Tapatalk, so if I 'like' your post, it's a secret between me and them.
  4. Hi

    Many thanks.
  5. Surrey Police Staff Vetting

    Jo, I'm in a similar position, but cominh on from outside. Did you get a resolution?
  6. Hi

    Just joined to get a feel of things i the comminity. Have applied and been offered a staff position, subject to vetting, forms are in, so I'm just waiting now.
  7. Welcome to Police UK Forum phreatic :)