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  1. ARV kit

    Thanks guys, Cosmo please don't think I'm some sort of mole playing cop, I ask here as some people can be far from helpful in the real world. Ivetoldyouonce - yeah that was pretty much the answer I was looking for, been advised on a decent grab back, decent base layer, gloves etc but wasn't sure if there was anything obvious I was missing. Cheers
  2. New Member

    Ditto, amazing how things change from exciting prospect of joining the job to then being in and coming back some years later!
  3. ARV kit

    With the potential move through selection onto firearms I was wondering what, if any additional kit bobbies were expected to buy in addition to what they were issued?
  4. Hi

    Evening all I'm Sausage, working & living in Wales, 8 years service with aspirations of ARV's
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum Sausage6368 :)