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  1. No sense of smell

    Thanks for the fast reply guys, this is reassuring.
  2. No sense of smell

    Hey guys im new here. I have a question. Iv been thinking long and hard about joining for a while now, to start with i want to join as an SC. I'm concerned however that i will not be accepted due to having no sense of smell. I realise it is quite important in some situations and i fully understand their reasoning if i get rejected. But i need clarification really so i can move on or press forwards. Cheers for the help guys.
  3. My introduction

    Hi i'm new to these forums (obviously) and joined because i wanted to ask a few questions about the recruitment process and get involved in the discussions. Iv been thinking about joining the police for some time now and some insight into the process and job would be invaluable. I currently work in a shop and would love a change and something more challenging, this seems like the best place to come to get the information i need.
  4. Welcome to Police UK Forum GingerBeard :)