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  1. Court trumps everything, Specials go to court on days they're not working there isn't really much choice.
  2. By "Prohibition Notice" I presume you're referring to a PG9, a PG9 is issued when a suitably trained officer believes your vehicle has defects which make it un-roadworthy, when issued a PG9 it will void your vehicles MOT, meaning you will have to go to a mechanic and have the fault repaired to re-instate your MOT - once you've done that you should go to a police station and produce the PG9 and MOT Certificate then another suitably trained officer will remove the PG9.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm an aspiring met regular currently waiting to start training with MSC in October! Hoping to pick up a few things from some regulars/specials :)
  4. Welcome to Police UK Forum BitFenix45 :)