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  1. Dyslexia in the job

    Thank you for the advice I did declare it on my application form but I didn't get any help because I needed to be diagnosed as an adult and that would of cost me over £500 but I'll definitely ask for help if there is any available I'm not worried about being capable of doing the job and helping people just maybe some of the written side of the job thank you again Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  2. Dyslexia in the job

    Hi everyone just looking for a bit of advice I start my training for the Met February I'm a bit anxious as I am dyslexic and I was just wondering if anyone else in the job is dyslexic or anyone that is going through training that has dyslexia I was just wondering if they have support and things like that for for people with dyslexia I am pretty confident in every other aspects of the job just a bit nervous about writing statements and things like that any advice would be much appreciated thank you
  3. Just received my borough which is Waltham Forest just wondering if anyone works in the borough or has experience with the borough just wanted to know what it was like is it busy and general things like that any advice or information would be grateful thank you
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    Hi iam new to policeuk.com
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum michael89 :)