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  1. That is because hospital security do nothing, they stand back and watch, a complete waste of money. PC's already in A&E with prisoners will help out if there is trouble………what, leave their prisoners and help others. The last PC that did that got hell from their Insp. as prisoner legged it out the door in handcuffs. He was caught and security staff only said sorry. Seemingly 10% of all ambulance calls, police are asked to attend due to information on their system saying occupants are violent and the job has nothing to do with the police………and surprise, surprise, when police attend at the address and ask, where is the ambulance, they are told one has not been allocated but with a police presence at the address, this counts as if ambulance are in attendance……naughty, naughty, naughty. In the old A&E at the Royal in Glasgow they had a permanent PC and a Red phone………….I believe it has all gone now.
  2. Complain to the IPCC……….everyone else does. They are taking on retired PC's at £30K if interested
  3. Owner of property…………….we do not pay out now, changed days.
  4. If you have had DV then phone them and see what they can do. I am told they can get an injection within 24hrs, they can get it quicker than the police, hence why we give out their details.
  5. We have been told bail will be very rare now and to expect re-arrest with any new evidence coming to light i.e., forensic evidence, cannabis ID, etc will be new evidence and bail will not be given for these things…….change days for us.
  6. Call the NCDV tel: 0800 970 2070 for help. I believe they could get you back into your house as you have children etc….. Give them a call, been told they are very good.
  7. To get 28 days Bail will still be a tall order to get as Insp. has to authorise it and the majority will be released under investigation / ROS.
  8. What a load of rubbish by the DCC, I wish they would start telling the truth….………..'released under investigation” means nothing………they are basically free to commit further crimes. At least bail allowed officers to keep track of suspects after interviewing them. Now, officers will need to get all their evidence together before getting suspects in and once they are in, use the full 24hr clock to finalise the job. This is going to add further pressure on officers to get their work done quicker, resulting in longer delays in getting to active incidents due to lack of resources. More work & pressure for officers in CID & PPU …………………...
  9. Hmmmmmm………………….Is that because once someone hits custody they can't go to hospital by police car, they need an ambulance if it is a medical matter. I thought it was the IPCC who complained about officers using police vehicles as ambulances!!!
  10. They are never available when you need one, just like dogs………………..they have made a complete mess of it.
  11. Well detections are gone, it is now outcomes, so that is well out of date. Outcomes have just been updated last month with more outcomes where crimes can be filed as required. I can only tell you what is happening where I work and with others doing likewise, it should paint the overall picture. We now have 3 levels of checking for write-offs: Control Room, Crime Recording Dept & Review Team (made up of DCs & PCs). I thought all forces are bringing this in as part of HMIC review/ best practice. Then we have PPU checking write-offs for all DV jobs, as all DV jobs must have a crime or no crime attached to the incident and only the Crime Recording Dept. can record it………….so we are pretty much snookered, we can't cuff anything that has started as an incident on the computer …………. A crime, is what the public perceives it to be and this can be anything
  12. The reason officers left Response was to get away from dealing with the s**t 24x7………. the trouble now is that CID are now dealing with the s**t as well, due to lack of Response officers so not many want to move upstairs to deal with the same s**t but never get off on time. That is the difference, family life is more important than work & overtime is not as attractive as it use to be, so why move!
  13. Not in my force. All incidents get checked by crime recording team, control room and review team,,,,,,,,,,,so the chances of getting it through the system without putting a crime in are almost impossible. Remember, it does not matter if the officer can write it off, it is what the public perceives to have happened. If they say a crime has happened, then a crime must be submitted. All forces should now be working to these same standards. My crimes have increased by 20% this year & other side of district have increased 30%, with the town centre.
  14. You just can't do that any more. A crime must be submitted and then filed. The days of writing off jobs with no crimes are long gone. We have gone the other way now and if the public phone in and they perceive a crime has been committed then a crime must be submitted. I got a crime the other day when a guy who was on bail, telephoned the police and told the operator what he had said during his interview and this has been crimed………..its madness gone mad now! ………..there must be a political reason why we are criming so much now……..Mrs May is up to something!
  15. We do a similar thing with Drive offs, the garage must fill out a statement on line, copy cctv and then it will get allocated only if there are enquiries to do……..majority of the time, there is never any CCTV and it is a way of making the till balance! We also do it with appointments, if a member of the public want an actual time to see an officer then they have to attend the station………….hardly anyone attends and job gets binned but it automatically gets crimed. ……...saying that, what other organisation goes and visits people 3 to 5 times to try and speak with someone who is clearly avoiding the police and they are the complainants……no one but we do………..we are mad.