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  1. I did wonder about the 25yrs service at age 50…….. Cheese, is the expert…………so you will have 20yrs in the 1987 scheme at age 50 but 25yrs service in the police. You can't get the 2015 scheme until age 55yrs so I take it you are coming out with 20/60ths. Is this 20/60ths of your final wage at age 50yrs or when you left the 1987 scheme? I always thought the pension was based on your best wage within 3 yrs of retirement. Cheese, can you shed any light on this.
  2. I have over 20yrs in the police, I worked in the Drugs squad & proactive squads many years ago, I know what it is like. I choose to go back to Response when my daughter was born as my home life was more important than my work, thank you......…….the Chief Supt. was stating that Response officers have changed how they work (all single crewed until 9pm) but CID have not, in our Force and he is married to a DC. I never said their life was easy………...
  3. A promotion usually means more money but in CID it is less, as you need to buy your own clothes. More skill……..they are always in pairs so do they only do 50% of the work each. I laughed the other month, our old Chief Supt. came to briefing and then came and sat in the open plan office. Two CID officers walked in carrying an exhibit each……….as quick as flash, the Chief Supt. said "I am glad you did not find 3 exhibits or there would be three of you in the office". We all laughed and CID officers never said a word…………….that was funny
  4. it would be perfect for me..... 6 on 4 off, no crime list and come on and hit the streets knowing someone is going to do your investigation for you...... that would be brilliant. I am currently working between 15-20 crimes on my list at the moment and expected to attend jobs on the active que...... it is difficult to balance but usually we are told to drop everything and attend, so crimes on list wait for another day, week or month......
  5. I am referring to squad, as CID, we don't have any other squads like Cheese was stating...... their response officers come on duty with no paperwork in their tray and ready to hit the streets.....How can a force afford that number of people. I thought austerity had stripped forces bare.
  6. Yeap, Fully agree with you. The job has changed big style. laptops & phones are changing the way we work and custody could be a thing of the past! squads could be gone and all work on Response with DC's being attached and responsible to Response Insp with their DS........ Our Chief Supt. . is looking into it to see if it saves money.........
  7. Horray ....... someone who agrees with what I have been saying.
  8. Cheese, I fancy a job at your place………..what part of the country are you in? Just reading the above now explains some of the others posts. Our Response teams go out and deal with all jobs. I work with a caseload of between 15 -20 crimes, from S18, fraud, thefts , domestic violence & daily S136, hangings, etc……We don't have any other departments to take work off us other than CID, proactive & reactive, PPU & Adults team for DV. Other than that there is no one. That is why, when we attend at a job that is a CID job we contact them direct and they come out to their job i.e. Burglary , street robbery etc…….we don't have the time to deal with these in detail due to our workload. The days of CID not coming out are over, and they must attend. There workload has certainly shot up and they are busy. The government use to give Response officers a payment at xmas £1200 and all that happened was that CID changed their rota so they could claim it as well. There should be no payment for skills but payment for workload!
  9. Things have totally changed in the police and certain people will remind you of policy & procedure and don't discriminate, this is now the big thing going to get evidence for promotion. I do laugh when I hear someone say my best officer, the one who had all the arrests. This has totally changed now and the best officers are the ones who don't arrest, they carry out voluntary interviews and get back out on the streets to deal with the next incident..... it is all about 'outcomes' now. No one is interested in number of arrests, failed priority times, court appearances part timers can do the same work, pro rata, as it does not takes days to finish jobs now and with the new bail act coming in, there are going to be no one on bail....... this will be interesting.
  10. zulu, are you real. Discriminating against part timers now......... I am glad you are out as there would be a que of people wanting to argue with you on my shift😁 Regarding the original topic, will he not just get 20yrs at age 50 in the 1987 scheme, as he can't get the 2015 pension until age 55. As the 1987 scheme is a final salary scheme, is his salary worked out when he left the 1987 scheme or at age 50, when he will be part time?
  11. what a load of rubbish...... that shows how out of touch you are with policing today. Your mindset is back in the good old days😎 I work with males who work flexi hours for childcare, females work part time and it is not really a problem. A colleague has just reduced her hours again and it is down to the Chief Insp. to agree to it, nothing to do with Sgt or Insp. so it is fair across the board. We even have a Sgt who works flexi to play golf every Thursday😀....... is his name Cheese...
  12. The police are not challenging points (1) & (4) above...... FBU were challenging pay as well. I wonder if they went after too much. the full judgement should explain all the different points in detail.
  13. (1) the FBU case is that the claimants have been paid less than their older colleagues based solely on grounds of age. (2) They are currently receiving less favourable pension rights than their protected colleagues irrespective of when they were appointed. (3) The case also looks at areas of age discrimination including, in some cases, breaches of equal pay, sex or race discrimination. (4) The FBU challenge also raises concerns about the imposed normal pension age of 60 and why this is an important consideration in relation to the physically demanding role firefighters perform and the related issues of fitness and fitness standards. …………..To be fair, it is not actually like for like with the Judges or the police pension cases. They lost on all points, that does not look good.
  14. How many appeals can each side have?………….this will take until 2022 to sort out.
  15. That is my point. A direct Inspector does not need to know everything that a PC does. I do wonder where some of you work. This week I have had three S136, a drugs death and fatal RTC where I was first on the scene. My Sgt & Insp never came to the scene. I dealt with all S136, DC came out for drugs death and Traffic Sgt came out for RTC and took the job off me. I went straight to each department through control room, all this was overseen by my Sgt & Insp. in the office……………….Why could a Direct Insp. not do the same, with some training. It is not rocket science, it is simple planning, organisation and going to the 'Right Dept. First Time' to get the job done. This is the future due to lack of officers on the ground………….. and it works.