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  1. Watched Conference this year and was interested in the discussion on Carless & Dangerous driving for police officers. Lat year a QC gave a lecture on the subject and I thought that is strange, why are the Fed not telling officers……Roll on a few months and now the Fed are giving out advice in what officers should do; -Officers have a sworn duty and must uphold that duty. -Officers should drive in a way which is lawful and does not contravene the laws of dangerous or careless driving. -Officers are advised not to undertake any manoeuvre which may well fall outside the standard of the careful and competent non police driver. QC Mark Aldred stated that the IPCC have consider 30 officers for Dangerous driving but only a few have been taken to court. Currently a Force is taking an officer for careless driving and for Gross Misconduct as a result, and they could lose their job. In a nutshell, officers have no protection for response driving & pursuits and the government should change the law to protect officers. Next time you respond to a job, you could be the one that ends up in court………………..Don't break the speed limit!
  2. Only 3 of us left after 20yrs service……………...
  3. Yeap, Had a discussion the other day where I suggested that due to the increased risk to officers then all taser officers should be single crewed and all non taser officers should be double crewed and someone said, what happens if the single crewed taser officer is overpowered, they need to be double crewed incase that happens…..I laughed………I think management need to rethink their deployment plans.
  4. Interesting points but all our firearms officers are double crewed, if they are called to a job then many cars attend, deal and then leave many hours later with District sorting out the prisoners & paperwork etc…………if we were all armed then there would be no one left to do the basic jobs, so it will never happen. In the last intake of firearms, 75% failed the course, a few years ago a Sgt & PC got send back to district after many years on a firearms team due to shooting not up to the required standard, so what would happen with these people if all officers were required to be armed? At this time the threat level has increased for all of us so management are putting out more double crewed taser officers and single crewing officers who are not taser trained…….Guess who are attending & dealing with the most jobs, correct non taser officers and we are sinking fast. If management gave us all guns then we would be sunk
  5. No thanks, I don't want a gun.
  6. I think you are slightly wrong on the funding. PCSOs were funded 75/25% by government at the start and that was why every Force had to keep the min levels of PCSOs or the government threatened to take the money back. Who would not employ someone at 25% costs and it is only in the last few years they came under the police budget with full costs to the force. Top PCSO £25K with hardly any powers Top PC £36K with full powers New PC £19K Apprentice PC 20% less than a new PC…………….Remember the YTS scheme, this is a YTS PC
  7. Blame Mrs May for cutting the budgets. We are where we are due to her policies……….. failure.
  8. I would love to walk & cycle all day but bosses say no, as I won't be able to get to the jobs on the computer………….not a bad thing! The days of walking are long gone, unless an officer is based in a town centre, other than that a vehicle is required to attend jobs. At this present time we have 30 - 40 jobs on the computer and the other night we stacked 5 immediates due to no resources, so how can bosses allow officers to walk when there are a list of jobs waiting to be attended………it is just not possible. The public dictate what we do with the amount of calls they make…………less calls, more walking, more cycling & more proactive work to reduce crime.
  9. That is because hospital security do nothing, they stand back and watch, a complete waste of money. PC's already in A&E with prisoners will help out if there is trouble………what, leave their prisoners and help others. The last PC that did that got hell from their Insp. as prisoner legged it out the door in handcuffs. He was caught and security staff only said sorry. Seemingly 10% of all ambulance calls, police are asked to attend due to information on their system saying occupants are violent and the job has nothing to do with the police………and surprise, surprise, when police attend at the address and ask, where is the ambulance, they are told one has not been allocated but with a police presence at the address, this counts as if ambulance are in attendance……naughty, naughty, naughty. In the old A&E at the Royal in Glasgow they had a permanent PC and a Red phone………….I believe it has all gone now.
  10. Complain to the IPCC……….everyone else does. They are taking on retired PC's at £30K if interested
  11. Owner of property…………….we do not pay out now, changed days.
  12. If you have had DV then phone them and see what they can do. I am told they can get an injection within 24hrs, they can get it quicker than the police, hence why we give out their details.
  13. We have been told bail will be very rare now and to expect re-arrest with any new evidence coming to light i.e., forensic evidence, cannabis ID, etc will be new evidence and bail will not be given for these things…….change days for us.
  14. Call the NCDV tel: 0800 970 2070 for help. I believe they could get you back into your house as you have children etc….. Give them a call, been told they are very good.
  15. To get 28 days Bail will still be a tall order to get as Insp. has to authorise it and the majority will be released under investigation / ROS.