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  1. Tattoos

    Hi, i inow this will vary for each force but was wondering how strict the tattoo policies are? I have a few traditional tattoos on my forearm including a skull/swallow (no other offensive slang or writing) just literally a skull and was wondering if this will have a negative effect on my application? Does anyone have any colleagues in the force will similar tattoos?
  2. Application

    Fair response. Only trying to increase my chances to be honest but yes, probably right.
  3. Application

    Hello all. Been pondering over the idea of applying to be a Special in my spare time for a few years now (work full time in an IT role and no criminal convictions) - looking to join North Wales Police but wanted to clear one thing up before bracing myself for disappointment. On the application form it says you can type up your answers via word. Can anyone clarify this? Reason I ask is, although my grammar & spelling are ok my handwriting is atrocious. I am not sure if this is because I am left handed but I personally feel quite self conscious about it and wasn't sure if this would scupper my chances. Many Thanks
  4. Hi All

    Hi All. First post required so I'll keep it short n sweet! Names Adam, based in North Wales and interested in becoming a special in that area. Nice to meet you all :-).
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum Adazrambo :)