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  1. Hi Lee, You may be better off asking in the Specials Forum, I'm not sure there are many Specials on this one and there are Force Specific forum areas on the Specials Forum. Here's the link: Jess
  2. Surrey Police Staff Vetting

    When I was applying to TVP they said vetting will take 8-12 weeks (WHAT?!) I had to wait almost 14 weeks before I was fully cleared. It seems like security clearing potential recruits/staff isn't anyone's main priority. I'm not sure if it's the same for Surrey but a lot (if not all) of the vetting is done by outside agencies.
  3. Salford's Mister Big

    I think it's quite the opposite to be a politician, isn't it?!
  4. SC to PC?

    I've started my training to become a Special with TVP with the intention of moving on to the regular police. I had a look over the TVP website and now as well as having to do the CKP course you have to have gained FIP status before applying, thus putting my potential start time as a regular at around the end of 2017/start of 2018 (and that's if everything goes well). There is a lot at the moment in the news about budget cuts Sara Thornton (Head of NPCC) was quoted yesterday by BBC News ( saying that they are expecting a loss of 35,000 police posts by 2020 after already suffering a loss of 36,000 staff since 2010. Really my question is, with all these cuts and losses, are forces still going to be recruiting for paid positions? Is it going to be a lot more cut-throat in the process? What is the likelihood that I am going to get in to the regulars?
  5. Boots

    I'm sure they'd be comfortable in the summer!
  6. Sending a Letter

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure where is best to post this. I am about to start my training as a Special with TVP, I want to write a letter to two current serving officers who helped me a lot through the application process, I'm just wondering how I should sign it off? Should I put my shoulder number, my Station? How do sign off letters/e-mails? What information do you put?
  7. Boots

    No, I think I was more drawn to the name! Magnums it is!
  8. Boots

    Thank you, I've been doing some reading through other posts and forums and it sounds like Magnums come quite highly recommended. I've also found a pair of Dr Martens (I'm a huge fan of Doc Martens anyway), anyone ever used these on patrol?
  9. Boots

    I'm joining TVP as a special and they have told me that I need to purchase my own boots. They have given me a boot allowance, but I'm unsure of what boots are comfortable. What do you guys recommend?
  10. New member

    Hello! My name is Jess and I am about to start my training as a Special for TVP. I hope to join as a regular in the future so will probably have a number of questions to ask in the coming months.