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  1. Hey all! Im currently going through the process to become a police constable (at stage 3 currently). However i have just been provided the opportunity to go straight to assessment day to become a special for a different force - my home force! I want to be a police officer so even though it is not in my preferable force area it is the most appealing option for me...if i am lucky enough to get the job! However my question...can i still put in my special application form? so i will have to applications running at the same time? And then depending on how far i get i can decide down the line whether to go for best job or best area? Thanks, Lucy
  2. Hello! Im currently studying criminology at university and writing my dissertation on drink driving and zero tolerance. It would be really helpful if anyone who works within the police force could answer my short online survey by following the link below. Thankyou very much, Lucy
  3. introduction

    Hello! My name is Lucy and i am currently a third year Criminology student at the University of Gloucestershire