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  1. Special Constabulary Guidance

    Thank you, hiramabif.
  2. Special Constabulary Guidance

    Hi all, I'm a 21yo male who plans on applying to the special constabulary for the BTP at some point in the future. Last April, I received a Community Resolution Order for damages (after following some stupid advice). I have no convictions, cautions, arrests, reprimands or financial issues, and my criminal record is completely clean. Will the CRO bar me from applying to become a constable, given it was one stupid little error and I have no other offences? Does the Special Constabulary allow you to explain any order you have been given to make a decision based on that? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. New member

    Hi, I have just joined the forum as I hope to apply to become a Special Constable in the future.