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  1. Met Police Recruitment

    Well I've since passed my D1+2 just waiting for getting at the moment
  2. Met Police Recruitment

    Thanks careerlid I have lost count how many times I must have been told that haha. Just received notice that my day one is the 5th Feb, getting a tad nervous now :/
  3. Met Police Recruitment

    Thanks; I am preparing already, I have booked a course and bought some books just a matter of crossing my fingers and studying! :)
  4. Join the Met Police

    Sorry to drag up a old thread, but I just wanted to check a couple of details on my application for the Met Regs, and I cannot seem to find my printed copy, does anyone have the direct link to the application log in page? Thanks
  5. Met Police Recruitment

    I appreciate the reply TJ, I hope I turn out to be as lucky as you :-) Also, do you remember when you put in your application? Thanks
  6. Met Police Recruitment

    I have recently received a email informing me that I have passed to the day one stage of the application process for the Met, does anyone have any idea how long it will take them to send me a date or send over the resources for the day. Also any tips or help that anyone is willing to give would be much appreciated. Moreover I am 18 so will this be a disadvantage for me. Thanks in advance.