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  1. 5 Word Story (2)

    to feed to the boss
  2. 5 Word Story (2)

    totally high on good weed
  3. Working after medical Retirement

    I am having CTB Therapy sessions every week. They can prove to be really emotional and painful to get through and i am drained afterwards. I am on Sertraline, Propranolol and Diazepam to try and reduce the intrusive thoughts and feelings i get daily. Yea, your right mate, don't join the police !! Good luck for Monday
  4. Working after medical Retirement

    PTSD is horrible and my therapist is working through the trauma's I experienced while on duty. He has identified 6 major trauma's and after 7 months of weekly sessions we are still trying to sort the first one. I knew Northern Ireland was bad when i joined but the things i have seen and experienced over the years has ruined my life. Good luck going back to work, i couldn't get through the doors tbh and good luck for the future.
  5. Working after medical Retirement

    Thank you, I can't face going anywhere work at the minute but will contact my Fed rep once i get a date for going and will take it from there.
  6. My Blackberry is frozen

    Like our tech guys lol
  7. Evening all I am currently in the process of being medically retired from PSNI due to chronic PTSD after 28 1/2 yrs service. My question is when retired and receiving my pension & medical pension can you take another job in civvy street once I am well enough to do so in the future? If so does my medical pension stop as i would be receiving an income. This will be in quite a few years if at all but i just want to make some sort of plans for the future if I can get my life back together. Thanks